Earthdance 2009: Synchronized Global Prayer For Peace In 200 Locations … 70 Countries -- September 26, 12 Midnight GMT -- Release of "Peace Watch" Widget/Phone Application Timed for this Year's Event

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At the same moment around the world: 12:00 midnight Greenwich Mean Time, September 26/27 - that's 7:00-PM on the 26th in New York City - event attendees at 200 locations in 70 countries - and thousands more online -- will join together for a synchronized global prayer for peace. It's the 13th Annual Earthdance Global Festival for Peace, the largest synchronized dance and peace event in the world. Officially launched on September 21, the United Nations International Day of Peace, the Earthdance Peace Watch is available as a web widget and iPhone application. It indicates new meditation times each day, and a numeric countdown, shown in local time at any location.

One of the theories espoused by Dan Brown's new book ['The Lost Symbol']

Empowered by the universal language of music, Earthdance has been a pioneer in what is now a growing movement of collaborative global events such as Earth Day and Burning Man. Through its Earthdance Global LLC and Earthdance International 501c3, the group is building a global brand through partnerships with individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, and governments.

"Since 1996 we've had millions of people participate in hundreds of locations, and join us online for the Prayer for Peace," says Earthdance CEO Matt Marshall. "Now we are building 'The Business of Peace' with the global brand, Earthdance, which offers a great variety of opportunities for the global 'peace' community."

As part of this expansion, Earthdance is extending the annual synchronized prayer concept into a daily global meditation practice with the Earthdance Peace Watch.

The Peace Watch widget is available at, and the
iPhone application can be found at the iTunes Store.

The power of synchronized, focused human consciousness has been documented by the Global Consciousness Project, a long-running science experiment maintained by an international collaboration of about 100 research scientists and engineers. According to their website,, "when millions of us share intentions and emotions, the GCP/EGG network data show meaningful departures from expectation (of randomness)." This phenomenon has occurred during the Earthdance Prayer for Peace event.

The notion that collective thought or intention can somehow influence events is gaining ever-greater mainstream awareness and credibility. "One of the theories espoused by Dan Brown's new book ['The Lost Symbol']," according to the New York Times, "is that when many people share the same thought, that thought can have physical effects." This is, of course, a basic tenet of modern quantum theory, and of ancient spiritual understanding.

Earthdance initiatives offering opportunities for international collaboration include synchronized monthly meditation events, live netcasts from host locations, a media distribution portal and a community generated film project, Earthdance: A Global Cinematic Jam.

Earthdance was conceived in 1996 by artist/musician Chris Deckker, as a vision to unite the whole world through the universal platform of dance and music. Since the first Earthdance event in 1997, hundreds of charities worldwide have benefitted from proceeds resulting from the first 12 annual events. In the spirit of "Think Global, Act Local," each local Earthdance event must donate at least 50% of its profit to a local charity. See

From business to activism, from music to meditation, Earthdance continues to set the standard for international collaborations and multi-location events that unite people and groups sharing a common goal of peaceful evolution.


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