Fox and Horse Complete Equine Therapy at Passages Hospice

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This Press release introduces the therapies Passages has to offer. We focus on Equine Therapy and the story of James Fox. Through his therapy, Mr. Fox found a soulmate in a horse.

Passages Hospice differentiates itself through the multiple allied services that it offers to its patients. One of them is called Equine Therapy. James Fox, resident of Community Nursing and Rehab in Naperville, succumbed to this temptation Passages offers.

Passages Hospice offers many types of therapies including music therapy, art therapy, pet therapy, equine therapy, massage therapy and PT, OT and speech therapies. Clearly, Passages have more than just brilliant care. This company also service our patients with manicures and pedicures, along with hair styling. Our uniqueness as a hospice does not stop there. The organization also does letter writings, readings, walks and outings for our patients, as well. Passages Hospice also serves as a social service. Passages has wonderful chaplains, bereavement options for families, volunteer programs and above all, our nurse and CNA staffing ratio is less than 7 patients per nurse and can. Passages Hospice is more than just a hospice with talented professionals; it is a home for patients, a second family and a therapeutic outlook on life.

All of Passages Hospice therapies soothe the souls of the patients. The sick find friends, comfort, memories and expressions through the therapy sessions entered.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is a tool that can be used to assist patients in learning about themselves. This self-reflective therapy uses horses because horses are non-judgmental animals. The horse aids in making patients aware of their emotional state because the horse responds in reaction's to the patient's behavior. Patients can ultimately gain insight into their feelings, behaviors, patterns and boundaries.        

Mr. Fox was 66 years young when he got to experience and meet a new friend in these horses at the Equine Facility. It taught him about himself when he chose a horse that could relate to him, which seems to be the point of this self-enhancing therapy. He was accompanied by his wife Maureen Stabler.

Passages Hospice asked Maureen if she wanted to go with James Fox and she said yes, even though she had been a little weary of horses, before their visit. Maureen states, "He wanted to go see some horses. Passages picked him up and helped him get into the car, because he was in a wheelchair. There was a HUGE barn with four horses. The facility talked to us about the horses and showed us one that they had." Later she commented, "It was wonderful. He thoroughly enjoyed it."

A review was filled out by Maureen, because James couldn't see well. It asked about the experience and Maureen wrote, "I thought it was very warm and comforting." She also mentioned that one of the horses, Blue was super friendly to James and the horse kept the cats away! There were many different colored horses and James seemed to bond with the horse named Blue. "James would brush Blue and he whispered to the horses." "It seemed to bring back childhood memories. I felt a great deal of comfort with them," Maureen had written on the review sheet she was filling out with James. She also said it seemed Blue didn't want her with him and James. They seemed to make quite the connection with one another. Before their day was over, James took a piece of hair from Blue's tail.    

In the photo, James Fox and his wife admire the beautiful horse in front of them. It is a touching moment and a memorable one. His spirit will live on in the therapy Passages offers and the long-lost buddy James now has in this horse.

This Therapy is limited to those patients who can travel to and from the Equine facility in Elgin, have the stamina to go through one session and can withstand some temperature change.

Referrals for this service are coordinated through the patient's primary care nurse and social worker. A physician order is required for this therapy, as well.

All of Passages information, along with patient care and family care is on the website.

The Passages web site also provides detailed information about the programs instilled into the company and bereavement options for the families.

Passages Hospice has locations in Elgin, Bloomington and other counties all over Illinois. The company's whole purpose is to give these patients care and comfort as they start a new life in the sky.

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