Vaura Announces MynaTime: an Incredible New Way to Exercise: Voice-Synthesized Workout Pacing on a Mac or iPhone -- Direct from Text

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MynaTime brings the text-to-speech voice of Apple's iPod Shuffle to fitness training, allowing users to create simple text documents that lead them step-by-step through a series of timed exercises for any fitness routine (e.g. weightlifting, yoga, physical therapy, interval training.) MynaTime speaks each instruction at the appropriate time while the user listens to music from iTunes. With the ability to create audio files for the iPod or iPhone, and record video during a workout, MynaTime turns the Mac into a workout assistant that makes exercising precise, repeatable and fun.

using the iSight camera built into your Mac it will also show you how, so you can study your form.

Vaura™ today announced the immediate availability of MynaTime™, the world's first software application to enable the creation of spoken-instruction exercise routines using text-to-speech. MynaTime uses Alex, the voice of Apple's iPod Shuffle, to speak instructions to you during your workout. This breakthrough application opens up new ways to exercise as you design workouts by simply typing a step-by-step "recipe" in plain English. Want to start a workout with a five minute warmup on your elliptical trainer? Type Begin your warmup with 5 minutes on the elliptical trainer; and MynaTime will use Alex to speak the words to you, wait five minutes--ticking off each second on screen--then speak the next instruction, while you listen to your favorite music in iTunes and sweat without needing to keep track of time or what comes next.

"Imagine MynaTime telling you in English what exercise to do, how many times to do it, and what weight to use, so you don't have to think about it," said Joe Klingler, President of Vaura. "MynaTime can also remind you of details of form and proper breathing while you're actively doing an exercise. Because MynaTime uses plain text, you're free to write a session for weight lifting, running, yoga, even physical therapy--any activity that can be described as a series of timed actions."

Now all the exercise advice in books, magazines, and on the web can be brought to life within your workout by SmartTiming, Vaura's proprietary technology that extracts information directly from the text you write. If you want to sprint for five minutes on your bicycle type: Sprint for 5 minutes and raise your heart rate to 160 bpm. If your physical therapist said: Hold the exercise ball between your knees for 1 minute, then that's all you need type into MynaTime. And you can edit these MynaTime text files at any time to create workouts that continue to challenge you as you improve.

MynaTime will export speech and music to a standard audio file so you can play your session on an iPod or iPhone and take your workout to the gym, the jogging trail, or the hotel on your next business trip. "MynaTime not only tells you what and when," Klingler added, "using the iSight camera built into your Mac it will also show you how, so you can study your form."

MynaTime requires Mac OS X version 10.5 (Leopard) and includes sample files illustrating its use for weight lifting, yoga, cycling and physical therapy. The suggested retail price is $49.95.

Vaura develops exercise products for the Mac to help you reach your personal fitness goals.


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