PT. B.A.L.I.: 10 Reasons Why Bali Real Estate is Set to Soar

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One of Bali's pioneers in real estate development and investments is 140 strong PT. B.A.L.I. After several years of caution they have just issued an all out buy signal for special Bali properties.

Bali is Hawaii 30 years ago and those that bought in Hawaii then made fortunes

PT. B.A.L.I. has an uncanny track record of accurate predictions for Bali real estate. Through their past weekly Bali Real Estate Column in a Bali newspaper and weekly newsletter that goes out to 24,000 readers around the world they have accurately predicted worldwide real estate trends.

In the year 2000 they predicted that brand new three bedroom Bali Luxury Villas at $149,000 would be an exceptional investment. Recently they have sold for almost twice as much. Through a combination of rentals and appreciation owners have received upward to as much as 100 % returns on their investment while enjoying their villas part of the time.

Eight years ago they built three developments with 155 rooms. Investors such at the director of S/E Asia G.E. and manager and directors of one of the world's top five star hotel chain purchased their villas.

They recommended purchasing undeveloped Bali beachfront land nine years ago for $1,000 per 100 m2. The same property is now selling for a whopping 1,500 % more.

PT. B.A.L.I. recommended leasing land in Sanur five years ago at $150.00 per 100 m2 per yr. It has doubled since then.

Accurately Predicted Worldwide Real Estate Crash:

Three years ago utilizing their 35 years of real estate and business experience they predicted that the worlds real estate bubbles were about to burst and recommended selling real estate. Since that prediction prices in countries such as America and England have dropped as much as 60 %.

For the past three years they have not ventured to build any more developments in Bali because as they said "We saw this serious recession coming and up until March of this year we were not sure whether it would turn into another depression".

Now that the recession has ended they predict that the stage is set for the second and more powerful bull market in Bali real estate this Century, and it is beginning this month.

They cite 10 reasons why.

(1)    Bali's Record Tourism Drives Demand: First and foremost as they have said in the past "Bali real estate demand is directly proportional to tourist arrivals in Bali". It a simple equation. The more tourists, the more buyers are interested and the more purchases are made. July 2009 tourist arrivals were 22.7% ahead of the same month last yr. January - July 2009 arrivals rose 11.87%.

                 "Bali real estate demand is directly proportional to tourist arrivals on Bali"

(2)    Future Retirement Demand: PT. B.A.L.I. is seeing more Baby Boomers, born between 1947 & 1955, who are now retiring and looking for a low cost sunny place to live without pollution or major crime.

(3)    Very Limited Supply: There is an finite amount of supply of quality Bali real estate on this small Island, especially within walking distance of a nice beach. Therefore supply cannot meet increasing demand.

(4)    Affordability: When you compare Bali to other tourist designations we are vastly underpriced. Bali land is as much as 70% less than similar land in Hawaii. Bali Homes and villas are 50 % less than Phuket, Thailand. So long as you can continue to purchase a Bali luxury Villa with a swimming pool for as little as $159,000 prices have nowhere to go but up.

(5)    Great Branding: Bali has been voted the "Best Island in the world for 7 out of the last 8 years by the readers of the prestigious Travel & Leisure Magazine. Ask anyone who has been to BALI and they will tell you we are the best.

(6)    Low Cost of Labor: Bali expatriates live like movie stars with personal maids, cooks, drivers, gardeners, and pool men who only cost $100 per month.

(7)    Very Low Cost of Living: Since there are no heating bills and auto fuel is subsidized Bali has one of the lowest energy costs in the world. Most fruits and vegetables are grown locally therefore meals cost 50% to 70 % less than most western cities.

(8)    Low Cost of Quality Entertainment and Sports: Bali is a major resort island and features some of the best hotels in the world. The quality of dining and entertainment is superb at a fraction of western costs.

(9)    Close proximity to the Asian Tigers. It s quite obvious that Asia is becoming the economic hub of the world .Australia, because of its mineral wealth is also booming. These neighbors provide increasing demand for Bali real estate.

(10)     Indonesia Tiger: Finally the fact is that prices have already doubled in 10 years while Indonesia was struggling trough chaos and bombings after removing a three decade long dictatorship. What can prices do in a favorable environment?

Under the current president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (who was just re-elected for another four years) the Indonesian stock market and currency has been one of the best performing in the world.

Because of Indonesia's below average labor cost and abundant natural resources PT. B.A.L.I. believes it has the potential of being one of the most powerful economic powers in the world in the next few decades. Along with that new prosperity will come exponential increases in Indonesian real estate prices, especially in Bali?

As PT. B.A.L.I. Has been saying for nine years "Bali is Hawaii 30 years ago and those that bought in Hawaii then made fortunes".

            "Bali is Hawaii 30 years ago and those that bought in Hawaii then made fortunes".

Free Jakarta and Bali Investment Seminars: PT. B.A.L.I.'s President will be offering free investment seminars in Jakarta at the Jakarta Le Meridien Hotel: Thurs. Oct 8th. 6.30 - 7.30 pm. Alternately Sat. Oct 10th 10.30 - 11.30 am. Free Bali Seminar: Sanur, Wed. Oct.14th. 6.30 - 7.30 pm. Attendance is by reservation only. Call 62-361-284069, or SMS +628123814014.

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