Gel-Nutritionals Supporter Launches Blog to Promote Nanotechnology Suspended Gel Supplements

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Entrepreneur Paul Durocher created in an effort to promote the latest breakthrough in preventative healthcare known as nanotechnology suspended gel. The site will give you an in-depth understanding of how this delivery mechanism works regardless of age group and why it will change the way the world takes nutrition and biologically active ingredients in the next 3-5 years.

the iPod of preventative healthcare and nutrition

Paul Durocher joined the Agel Enterprises business in March 2009 shortly after he had personally discovered the effectiveness of this new delivery mechanism. Ever since the launch of his Web site,, Durocher has added to the monumental success of his global company.

Durocher explained that the nanotechnology suspended gel allows us to make proven ingredients more effective by increasing their bioavailability. The mechanism can be applied to practically any active ingredient that is currently available on the market in a less bio-available form such as pills, powders, capsules, juices and colloidal solutions. This new delivery method allows us to deliver nutrients to our bodies in already pre-hydrated form therefore avoiding the lengthy breakup process associated with other forms of supplement consumption. Gel is designed from a legume growing plant in Asia and corn kernels so there are no chemicals or chemical coatings present as in most other delivery forms that could be harmful to the human body. A recharging mechanism is another part of suspension gel technology that allows for the active ingredient to work multiple times once inside our body. The particle size ensures fastest delivery of active ingredients into the bloodstream.

Let's take a look at a quick example. Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM have been studied for 20 plus years and are proven to be a significant assistance to those suffering with any joint pain. Now the current options for taking these quality ingredients are pills or soft gels. Let's take a look at the composition of the pill: powder and chemicals at 20,000 pounds of pressure result in a "rock" like formation with next to nothing in the form of bioavailability. To achieve economies of scale there's normally 300,000 - 400,000 soft gels manufactured per minute. Imagine how much pressure goes into each soft gel! Those with joint pain usually fall in the age group of 43 to 73 (or older). By this time the body could develop up to 60 different digestive deviations. That means that very tiny parts of pills or soft gels will actually be broken down by the body if any at all in some instances. Therefore the user is spending money on "rocks" that deliver an absolute minimum portion of active ingredient(s) they are designed to deliver.

Not only do people end up throwing their money away (or it literally going to waste) but they are really not improving their joint situation as desired. Let's compare. With the same amount of Clucosamin, Chondrotin, MSM and also Celadrin being inserted into a Gel-Matrix and the ingredients are actually being delivered into the bloodstream much quicker and much more efficiently. The results and stories of people are endless and universal. Those who couldn't benefit from the pills and were in pain for 5-20 plus years from arthritis and physical sporting activities are feeling relief within 5-7 days. Think of how many people are about to get knee surgery. Do them a favor, call them now and tell them about FLX - one month of using FLX will save them from surgery and its damaging side effects. They're sure to be thankful for the advice.

Agel Enterprises introduced a best-in-class bioavailability established suspension gel technology as the "the iPod of preventative healthcare and nutrition" in more than 50 countries in the last 4 years. Yet Agel still remains a ground floor opportunity for those who want to capitalize and build a local and global business. Agel Enterprises' products are recommended for all ages. Current products available in suspension gel target the following health areas: cellular health, cardiovascular health, joints and bone health, weight management, cellular energy and are used to treat and prevent a vast amount of ailments such as osteoporosis, arthritis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol (without any side effects)!

Recently released, as of Friday, September 4, 2009, Agel GLO promotes beauty from the inside out by delivering necessary nutrients from inside of our body to various levels of our skin that we normally are not able to reach by external application of these ingredients. So say goodbye to your wrinkles, puffiness around your eyes, double chin and unwanted sagginess in certain areas. Use this and save significant amounts of money instead of getting a surgery! GLO will hydrate your body's cells, enhance collagen fibers and protect the body from pollutants and harmful sun rays. It will give the body a healthy, beautiful, youthful glow.

Designed for a variety of pro-health functions, Durocher's Web site distributes several health-optimization products. Agel's product line of suspended gel nanotechnology includes Agel Nutritionals, Agel Wellness, Agel Gelceuticals, and Ageless Skin Care. Visit and research Fucoidan, which is the main ingredient of our immunity product called UMI and you will never miss a day of taking it.

Look for detailed discussions about the benefits of the ingredients and nutrients within these products at Durocher's new blog, He will also be writing about preventative health and the miracles of health - told through success
stories - that validate the utility of the nanotechnology suspended gel products. offers more than just healthy-living merchandise.

"We have a two-fold uniqueness to our company in that people have access to our products and they're provided with an opportunity to build a global cash flow business from the comfort of their home," Durocher said.

Visit to discover more information about Agel Enterprises' newest products, which are in the final stages of development and to learn more about various levels of cash flow that could be made for years and decades to come.

About the Company: is owned and operated by Paul Durocher, a
member of Agel Enterprises.

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