SpyRid Latest Rogue Antispyware to Infect Systems without Users Knowledge

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SpyZooka is an antispyware program designed by Blue Penguin Software that has been eliminating rogue spyware like SpyRid from infected systems since 2004. SpyZooka is a leader in the antispyware industry and has won several awards in recognition of its effectiveness against spyware and other security threats. SpyZooka is a member of the Better Business Bureau and is backed by Blue Penguin Software's 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Blue Penguin Software is excited to announce that its spyware remover SpyZooka is effective at removing the rogue antispyware program SpyRid from infected systems. SpyZooka has been removing spyware, Trojan horses, adware and other security threats for more than five years. SpyZooka has become the recognized leader in the antispyware industry, winning a number of prestigious awards including Tucows 5 Cows and Wugnet's Shareware Hall of Fame. This recognition is the result of the sophisticated algorithms used by SpyZooka which consistently and reliably remove spyware.

SpyRid is marketed as a legitimate security application; however it is just one of many antispyware programs on the Internet today. Like other rogues before it, SpyRid uses deceptive methods when attaching itself to a system. This typically occurs when users download a video or audio codec which appears beneficial, but is actually infected with SpyRid.

Once attached to the system SpyRid will repeatedly flash the screen with a number of false security warnings, deceptive scans and aggressive marketing designed to persuade the user to go to the SpyRid website and purchase the dangerous software. Do not do this as it will further compromise the systems security.

Some computer users whose systems have been infected with SpyRid have attempted to remove the fake antispyware manually. This process is often difficult, time consuming and costly. Some especially challenging cases have required users to wipe their systems completely clean in order to insure total removal of SpyRid.

As a result, industry experts recommend that users instead use in a high quality, reliable antispyware program like SpyZooka to remove SpyRid from infected systems. Legitimate spyware remover will scan the infected system, identify all spyware and remove it. There are a variety of antispyware programs available. Select one like SpyZooka which backs its promises with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and is recognized by industry leaders as a security application.

SpyZooka has been removing spyware like SpyRid since 2004. During that time SpyZooka has established itself as an industry leader and has won a number of awards including the prestigious Tucows 5 Cows and Wugnet's Shareware Hall of Fame. To learn more about how SpyZooka can protect your computer SpyRid and other security threats, or to receive a complementary scan go to http://bluepenguinsoftware.com/spyzooka/ today.


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