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New Tell-All about Natalie Wood's Death

Twenty eight years after her death, Natalie Wood is back in the news. With the release of a first hand account of her death, Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour, is the telling of what really happened on that fateful night in 1981.

Splendour's captain, Dennis Davern, has been haunted by that night everyday since.

Actress Natalie Wood and actor husband, Robert Wagner, had taken their beloved yacht, Splendour, out for the holiday weekend. At 1:30 am Wagner radioed that "someone is missing from our boat."

Dennis Davern and co-author Marti Rulli have documented and researched the particulars that lead to Natalie's death and along with Natalie's sister, Lana Wood, are ready to tell all. Was it murder? Was Natalie's husband, actor Robert Wagner, at fault? Why weren't the authorities called when Natalie went missing from her boat, Splendour? Splendour's captain, researcher Marti Rulli and Natalie's sister, Lana Wood, have questions and answers to this 28 year old mystery.

This case has been closed for years, but with the reopening of older cold cases such as the death of Brian Jones'( from the Rolling Stones), isn't it time to finally hear the truth about the night that took America's leading lady.

There are many questions on this case that remain unanswered. Why was Robert Wagner allowed to leave the scene without questioning? Why did it take four hours for Wagner to contact the authorities about Natalie missing from the boat? Why was Natalie still wearing her socks after a struggle in the water? What about the down coat she wore? Did it help keep her afloat or pull her down? How did Natalie get bruises on her face? Why weren't any witnesses questioned? People on other nearby boats heard Natalie's cry for help but yet no one was questioned, even after they voluntarily came forward to help.

Davern, with Rulli, has begged for the case to be re-opened with his facts and evidence; with the testimony of nearby boaters; with successfully taken lie detector tests to validate his story; with hypnosis to further confirm his facts. Investigations on celebrity deaths are treated very differently today than in years past. How would Natalie's death be handled differently today?

Now, Natalie's sister Lana Wood has proclaimed her support for this new account. Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour which details not only that night on the Splendour but how Natalie's death has been treated since, the investigation, her family, the press, the questions, the many mysteries…

Lana Wood, Marti Rulli and Splendour captain, Dennis Davern, are available for interviews.


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