9-11 Terrorist Attacks Could Have Been Prevented? Yes, According to One Medical Doctor

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Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and America's new "Peace Doctor" Edward Marshall, M.D. are on a path to promote peace and conflict resolution worldwide. The Peace Doctor states the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks could have been avoided had a few key steps been implemented. However, it's never too late to take preventative measures, agree both Blair and Marshall. A grass roots style call to action to help immunize the world against war is being spearheaded by Marshall, and people are listening.

I'm in favor of everyone being free to peacefully make his or her own decisions and choices about religion. No one should be attacked or harmed because of personal religious choices.

Tony Blair's recent guest appearance on THE LATE SHOW with David Letterman proves even the toughest of interrogators cannot make Blair break a sweat. Also needing to face a class full of over-eager Yale University students, however...

Two years after stepping down, Blair is now pushing for peace between Israel and the Palestinians - something he believes is 'the single most fundamental thing in changing the dynamic' of the Middle East. Blair also talked about resuming his teaching at Yale University on issues of faith and globalization.

The former British Prime Minister is not alone.

Renowned author Edward M. Marshall, M.D., also known as "The Peace Doctor" has devised a 5-step process to eradicate war and promote peace, within as soon as a generation, on a global level by starting with managing individual violent behavior. Marshall's goal with his much anticipated book, The Peace Prescription: Five Key Steps We Can Take to Prevent Wars, is to essentially immunize the world against war.

"My experience as a medical doctor treating various behavioral issues convinced me that starting violence on any level is the most serious of all abnormal behaviors, and yet is manageable. The book tells how all of us at the grass roots can participate in preventing war by encouraging the management of that behavior in five different ways. However, we first must be at peace with ourselves and those in our lives." Regarding 9-11, Marshall says, "The Peace Law, proposed as Step One in The Peace Prescription, could have prevented 9-11 or any other initiation of violence had it been enforced either officially or at the grass-roots level."

In The Peace Prescription, Marshall discusses the approximately 20 wars currently raging in the world, including the Second Congo War where African tribal warfare is in its 11th year and has killed more than 5.4 million people, including about 1,000 every single day. In the book, Marshall tells how bullies can be managed at young ages, before they become killers, violent gang leaders, terrorists, or even dangerous dictators who may start wars.

A Vietnam War veteran, Dr. Marshall served as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force Medical Corps as interim Chief of Medicine at SAC Headquarters. In the late 1970's, Marshall served as Chief of the Medical Service at a VA psychiatric hospital in West Los Angeles, which helped him gain unique insight into the most extreme of human violent behaviors, their causes and their effects.

When pushed to answer whether Marshall is Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, and what his religious beliefs are, he states, "I'm for peace." Marshall grins, "Which group is that?" He continues, "I don't think trying to immunize the world against war is a partisan issue. I am opposed to any person or group's advocacy of violence or war, and I'm with those who seriously want peace and are willing to help make it happen, one small step at a time." In terms of religious beliefs, Dr. Marshall says, "I'm in favor of everyone being free to peacefully make his or her own decisions and choices about religion. No one should be attacked or harmed because of personal religious choices." To help create a peace environment, Marshall's goal is to have The Peace Prescription published in many languages 'to truly make this a worldwide grass-roots effort'.

There is a definite philosophical synergy between Blair and Marshall when it comes to their common goal to achieve worldwide peace. Marshall, The Peace Doctor, is said to be in discussions for a syndicated talk show.

Tony Blair Faith Foundation promotes respect and understanding between the major religions and to make a case for faith as a force for good in the modern world - the Yale program allows Blair to teach on issues of faith and globalization in 20 countries/universities around the world.

Let's make peace contagious. The message is clear and the time is now. Let's immunize the world against war!

The Peace Prescription is now available at ThePeacePrescription.com, Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and at most book stores.

Edward M. Marshall, M.D., Grass-Roots Press


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