Liposuction in New Jersey Goes High Tech

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Plastic surgery patients in New Jersey are getting speedier procedures and better results with the help of high-tech options such as laser and ultrasonic liposuction. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Richard D'Amico explains the draw of these procedures and highlights new options on the horizon.

High-tech versions of "standard" liposuction options in New Jersey are giving women and men more choices and better results than ever before. Dr. Richard D'Amico (, a board-certified plastic surgeon and past president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, says that recently developed options such as laser, ultrasonic, and even radiofrequency-assisted liposuction provide significant advantages over standard methods. As more patients find out about their options, he says, fewer are satisfied "settling" for the standard approaches.

"Patients are finding out that they can get faster, better results with these new approaches, and they're seeking out surgeons who offer advanced technologies specifically," says Dr. D'Amico.

Tumescent liposuction, widely used as a standard body contouring technique, uses a liposuction wand and a sterile saline solution to break up and remove fat. While this approach is adequate for some patients, Dr. D'Amico says that both patients and surgeons are increasingly opting for even more advanced approaches that combine the tumescent technique with highly-advanced technology such as ultrasonic-assisted liposuction or Smartlipo™ laser liposuction.

"Smartlipo is extremely popular right now with both patients and doctors because it uses laser energy to break up fat with minimal swelling and bleeding during surgery," notes Dr. D'Amico. "This means faster recovery and faster results. Smartlipo also can tighten the skin in the treatment area, so in my experience it can achieve a much better aesthetic result."

Many surgeons are using either laser or ultrasonic heat to help break up fat cells, but BodyTite™, another new technology currently under review for approval by the FDA, uses radiofrequency energy to break down fat cells. Dr. D'Amico and other surgeons involved in the clinical testing of BodyTite believe it has the potential to advance liposuction results significantly.

"It's an exciting time to be involved in these new developments. Just in the past few years we've been able to offer patients plenty of new options for plastic surgery in New Jersey that help them achieve the results they want through more effective treatments," says Dr. D'Amico. "We're constantly finding new ways to make these procedures even more versatile and adaptable to the patient."

Dr. D'Amico says that with so many new options coming out each year, it's important for patients to trust the recommendations of their doctor instead of simply believing that a particular technology is just right for them.

"Patients need to be cautious and focus on the qualifications and skills of a cosmetic surgeon in New Jersey," notes Dr. D'Amico. "It's important to focus on how well the surgeon will tailor the procedure to meet each patient's needs, and implement new technologies only when they will produce superior outcomes."

Dr. Richard D'Amico ( is a board-certified plastic surgeon and 2008 president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. D'Amico earned his medical degree from New York University and has years of experience in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures, in addition to extensive training through residencies in general and plastic surgery. Dr. D'Amico has received extensive recognition for his achievements, including numerous awards as well as several upper-level professional appointments, serving as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and as co-chair of the ASPS Breast Implant Taskforce, where he gave key testimony on breast implant safety to the FDA.


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