IC Talent and ICA Productions, Empowering Children and Talent in OC, SD and LA

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IC Talent is announcing two different media for ICA and IC Talent children and talent to harness their unlimited potential in the film, TV and commercial industry. IC Talent is a licensed acting school in the State of California and ICA is the production company.

The IC Talent Institution located in Lake Forest has empowered children and talent for the past 8 years by offering training from licensed teachers who are all industry professionals and has now an office in San Diego. IC Talent will open up in Beverly Hills as well, within the next 6 months.

Parents have been bringing down their children as sent by the Hollywood agents who come in weekly to audition IC Talent graduates from Burbank and LA. Children have been brought up as well from the San Diego area. IC Talent San Diego just opened up and IC Talent Beverly Hills is in the process. Helen the owner has been aware of the burden on the families driving up and down and figured out that the best way to remedy this is by expanding locations.
"I can't help the fact that the jobs are in LA", she says, "so at least the classes can now be taken in three different locations and it will take within 20 minutes + for anyone to get to either facility".

On September 25th 09, "The Ghost Whisperer"'s season's premiere aired with Connor Gibbs, an IC Talent graduate as Jennifer Love Hewitt's son. Connor booked numerous commercials such as Time Warner, Audi, Cheetos, Traveler's Insurance etc... He worked for Disney and already had not only college money, but a 401K plan when he obtained the recurring work with "Ghost Whisperer".

Gunnar Washington has been going strong on "Meet The Browns", the Tyler Perry show where he also is a series regular. Braeden Salido is now beyond auditioning for Wall mart. These are the IC Talent owner's own words. When I asked her what she meant she flashed a very big smile: " Well Breaden is now a household name over at Wal-Mart, he doesn't need to go there on a "go see" or an audition, his mom just gets a call to bring him in for work as they now know him and keep on using him!"

IC Talent's Kids have booked work and recurring work on Disney, Toys R' Us, Wal-Mart, Keymart, Macy's, Bloomies, Nordstrom, Juicy Couture, Disorderly Kids, Kids' style magazine, Baby Style magazine, Old Navy, Aetna, Saturn, Traveler's Insurance, Nickelodeon, MTV, Monk, Two and a Half Men, most soaps, most TV show, lots of feature and independent films etc.... etc... "Eight years of empowering our children by giving them the education they need to book work and by allowing for them to get signed with great agents and work everywhere in the film, TV, commercial industry", says Helen, who has known all the Hollywood agents for years. If one turns the TV on and watches for at least a few minutes, IC Talent children are there on numerous commercials, television shows and feature films.

"I love to speak about our children, whose parents always come up as I do presentation and decide on their own to give testimonies of their children's progress and achievements". Posting press releases on the Internet is not as much what I like to spend my time doing! I feel that the World Wide Web as it used to be referred to, should be renamed the Wild Wild West" she says, "a whole week doesn't go by without postings going up on the net about us, that were not put there by any graduates of IC Talent's or their families. The way I compete in a very controversial industry says Helen, is by giving the children the best education warranted by the State of California as we are licensed and additionally, the teachers and I work with the children on each and every audition at no additional cost."

Helen continues "We are not allowed to charge percentages within our license parameters, as education means tuition for the State, but "running lines" is always at no cost to the parents. It means working on an actual audition, which allows for the children to obtain way more work than any other talent out there. We are not the only good place says Helen, there are about two or three other licensed Institutions which are all located in LA. We are the only licensed school in Orange County, San Diego and as I believe there is room for us In Los Angeles as well, we will soon be in Beverly Hills.

Recently we felt we should harness our students' potential by featuring them on our own productions as we have done in the past and we are now working on an upcoming pilot, says Helen, I am using my nom de plume (screenwriter's name), but especially our companies are now two separate entities while ICA Productions is well, obviously our production company and IC Talent will remain our licensed acting school's name.

The IC Talent licensed Institution conducts evaluations weekly and does not accept everybody who comes in. Evaluations have to be scheduled in advance as space is limited.

The main IC Talent office needs to be contacted for the purpose of an evaluation at 949 273 8800.


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