Novel Drug Treatment Rapidly and Safely Clearing Psoriasis Lesions and An Invitation

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Psoriasis is a common chronic disease affecting over a hundred million people worldwide. Yet, the treatments that have been available to the patients typically fail to cause complete clearance of their skin and joint lesions despite several weeks to months of treatment at a cost of undesired side effects. A new drug treatment has been developed and shown to provide rapid disappearance of lesions within less than a week with safety. Results of clinical investigations that have been published elsewhere and attached herewith show that all forms of psoriasis, including those non-responsive to the previously available treatments, are treated successfully. Here Ileri Health and Life Sciences A.S. aims to inform the psoriasis patients about the new treatment and announces recent allowances of the first US patents directed to it.

Ileri Health and Life Sciences A.S. aims to inform the psoriasis patients about a novel drug treatment with unprecedented therapeutic efficacy and announces recent allowances of the first US patents directed to it.

Psoriasis is a common chronic disease causing skin, nail and joint lesions. Currently approved treatments require many weeks to months to become effective and typically fail to provide complete clearance of lesions. Undesired side effects are also common. Dissatisfaction with the existing treatments is reflected by the numerous methods tried to treat psoriasis. A rational drug treatment, directed to the basic underlying pathological process leading to the formation of psoriasis lesions, has been developed and shown to have unprecedented therapeutic efficacy. The treatment safely clears skin lesions within less than a week, typically on days 3 to 4 of treatment. It has been shown to be highly effective in 100% of the patients treated so far, including those unresponsive to other treatments. See the examples in the presentation attached herewith, the European patents EP 1411938, EP 1496895, Dermatology 2004;209:126-131 and see the recently allowed US patent applications, published as US 2004/0072913 and US 2008/0090790, for further examples and information about the treatment.

A new drug treatment must complete a regulatory approval process before it becomes available to patients at large. In the present case, the treatment was developed as an offshoot of the primary research area of the inventor who conceived it and with a budget inadequate to carry it through regulatory approval. Funding for regulatory approval is still being sought. Meanwhile, whereas tens of millions of psoriasis patients worldwide are suffering from a disease for which a highly efficacious treatment has been developed, the vast majority are unaware of this treatment.

Development of the new psoriasis treatment is based on a broader invention related to regulation of differentiation of the stem and progenitor cells and to their essential changes during tumorigenesis. This has specific application also for treatment of cancer where a much greater number of people are potentially affected. For cancer treatments see US patent application 10/682584, published as US 2004/0072914.

Ileri Health and Life Sciences A.S., Turkey, has been founded by the patent owner to facilitate the partnerships necessary to bring these new treatments to patients. Investors, research partners and prospective licensees are invited to make business proposals. Detailed information about the new treatments is available in the publications referenced above. Institutions and physicians in a position to make the new treatments available to the patients are invited to contact the undersigned by writing directly or through his patent attorneys Vidas, Arrett & Steinkraus, at the addresses given below. All reasonable requests for further scientific-technical and legal information will be honored.


Sinan Tas, M.D., Ph.D.

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