New Book Reveals Missing Mindset Necessary for Healthy Eating, Regular Exercise & Weight Loss Success

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INSPIRED TO FEEL GOOD: Making Healthy and Fit Choices So Rewarding and Liberating You Never Want to Stop, is FIRST book to explain HOW to have a healthy and fit lifestyle that is realistic, easy and enjoyable to maintain. It specifically helps people who can't seem to get themselves to make healthy choices on a regular basis. The book, written by America's Healthy Lifestyle Coach, provides tools, techniques and advice for overcoming subconscious sabotaging behaviors, including emotional and overeating, exercise resistance and ambivalence. It also includes a step-by-step coaching program for getting started and sticking with healthier eating with satisfaction and becoming active and fit for long-term health, fitness and weight loss success.

Inspired to Feel Good

There is a reason the majority of the population hasn't benefited from this vast array of [resources __title__ healthy eating and exercise resources]

Feel Your Personal Best today announced the release of Inspired to Feel Good, the first book that shows people how to successfully gain self-motivation to stick with healthy eating and regular exercise as a way of living that feels too good to stop.

"People know it takes a healthy lifestyle to be in control of their weight, health and fitness, but they just can't seem to do what they know they should," says author and America's Healthy Lifestyle Coach Alice Greene. "The answer isn't greater willpower, incentives or penalties as most assume, but instead changing the way people think and feel about food and exercise so they easily and naturally want to make healthy and fit choices because it feels good physically, mentally and emotionally."

As a woman who has maintained a healthy lifestyle for nine years after overcoming chronic health issues while losing six dress sizes in two years (from size 16 to size 4), Greene knows firsthand what works to successfully and continually stay motivated to stick with healthy eating and regular exercise as a way of life. She has also coached hundreds of others to do the same, including the sixty clients whose stories are in this book.

Specifically, her book Inspired to Feel Good identifies and explains why only twenty-six percent of U.S. adults engage in regular exercise (Centers for Disease Control) or why ninety-five percent of dieters will fail and regain their weight loss (National Eating Disorders Association), despite the wide availability of fitness, nutritional and medical information, experts and programs.

"There is a reason the majority of the population hasn't benefited from this vast array of resources," says Greene. "These programs don't target the real problem and, in many cases, worsen the situation. Most people strive to succeed and struggle to understand when they don't stick with a healthy diet and regular exercise, and they aren't getting the help they need to identify what is sabotaging their behaviors and goals."

What has been missed by physicians, nutritionists, personal trainers and other experts is the hidden subconscious emotional and mental mindset that drives a person's behavior, which can result in overeating, emotional eating, cravings, binge eating, exercise resistance, self-criticism, ambivalence or denial, as well as yo-yo dieting, yo-yo exercising and yo-yo weight loss.

Inspired to Feel Good teaches people how to create a positive relationship with food and exercise, overcome sabotaging behaviors, and be inspired and motivated to easily make healthier choices. The book provides a step-by-step behavior modification coaching program that is individualized. Anyone, even those who have given up, can finally succeed at maintaining weight loss, healthy eating and regular exercise that is realistic, enjoyable and easily incorporated into real life. The healthy lifestyle coaching techniques used in the program build self-awareness, self-motivation, self-insight, self-confidence and self-esteem. Instead of feeling out of control, readers will finally feel in charge of their choices, delight in their successes and naturally gravitate to more healthy choices because they love how it makes them feel.

Priced at $19.95, Inspired to Feel Good is published by Morgan James Publishing. It is available directly through Greene at or from retail booksellers.

In addition to benefiting individual consumers, the book is ideal for healthcare providers, companies or organizations promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors to the public or employees.

About Alice Greene and her Thought-Leadership in Healthy Living

Greene's own experience at creating a healthy and fit lifestyle, coupled with her expertise in emotional eating and exercise resistance along with training in exercise physiology, nutrition, intuitive eating, fitness coaching, wellness coaching and lifestyle fitness coaching, led her to develop a unique and highly successful approach to healthy lifestyle coaching. She founded Feel Your Personal Best in 2003 and has compassionately coached hundreds of people in making successful lifestyle changes using her non-judgmental, self-honoring and confidence-building methods.

Greene is also
. co-author of the bestseller Wake Up Women: Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy,
. co-author of Living Free with Type 2 Diabetes CD program and guidebook, and
. former co-host of the talk radio show Living Your Personal Best featuring success stories.

To learn more about Inspired to Feel Good, contact Greene at 978-465-3555, ext. 5.]


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