Flipfins™ Make Splash Among Float Tube and Pontoon Fisherman

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With the fishing season in full-swing across the country Navigator Flipfins™ - new kind of float tube fins from Omega Aquatics, Inc. - is making a mark among industry pros and float tube & pontoon fisherman. This very traditional industry has warmly welcomed this innovative design. It makes float tuber's life easier and will prevent a fishing rods from breaking, as often occurs during water entries or while trying to don a set of conventional fin.

These fins are the coolest things I've seen in a long time. Finally a full length, full power fins that you can walk in.

After transforming the scuba diving industry with their award-winning line of Amphibian Scuba Flipfins™, Omega Aquatics Inc has conquered another niche market, float tube and pontoon fishing.

Anyone who has ever gone fly fishing from a float tube, knows what a pain it can be to get in and out of those belly boats - especially if wearing a set of conventional fins. Navigator Flipfins™, a series of high-performance float tube fins, has changed everything. Filpfins are built for land and water, with blades that flip up and out of the way while walking and flip down when kick paddling. This allows fisherman to easily move around on shore and get equipment to the water safely while getting power and performance when in the water.

Built using the patented Amphibian® fin system, Navigator Flipfins™ have been designed especially and are proven to be the best fins for fishing from float tube, pontoon or kickboat. Powerful and fast, they allow for covering maximum distance with minimum effort and best maneuverability. Flipfins™ large, comfortable foot pocket is designed to fit a wide range of boots and waders.

Navigator's revolutionary and durable Aqua-Hinge mechanism, highly efficient blade and raised slip resistant thread designs provide an essential combination of performance and safety for all float tubers and pontoon fisherman. Prominent central web configuration contributes to increased propulsion and reduces load required during sustained kicking, while providing maximum power and comfort. Stainless steel torsion springs push the blade up against the shins while fishermen are walking around on shore and flip down into swimming position once they're in the water. This switch can be done by actually locking the latch into place manually or by giving one swift kick in the water.

With Navigator Flipfins™ fishermen get the ultimate performance that enhances the fishing experience. They have been tested and endorsed by professional river guides and fishermen.

"These fins are the coolest things I've seen in a long time. Finally a full length, full power fins that you can walk in." Kelly Galloup - Author, Lecturer, Owner of The Slide Inn, Madison River Montana. Or as Brian Milne, award winning author and editor at flyfishing.about.com put it: "… I've never seen such a useful pair of fins for both float tubes and pontoons. You won't be able to find a pair of fins better than this … These things are one of a kind."

Flipfins™ are also being used by Dive Pros, Military, Navy, Special Forces and Rescue Divers in the U.S. and worldwide. Flipfins™ proudly made in the USA.

For additional information on Flipfins™, visit Omega Aquatics new Web site at http://www.Flipfins.com.

Omega Aquatics of Buffalo Grove, IL, a company that focuses on developing innovative aquatic products.


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