Kaiser Associates Announces Release of Product Launch Checklist

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Issue-based approach helps companies identify potential blind spots before it is too late to address them.

Since there is so much at risk with the launch of a product, many companies have found that stepping back and having a structured way to review the key issues before launch can make the difference between success and failure

Kaiser Associates, Inc., a global strategy consulting firm, announces the release of its proprietary Product Launch Checklist in a downloadable whitepaper. The checklist, "An Issue-Based Approach to Increasing the Likelihood of a Successful Launch," outlines the ten most common issues that doom a new product, enabling executives to quickly identify potential blind spots and areas of weakness. The checklist is based on Kaiser Associates' work with leading organizations worldwide and enables any organization to tap into proven best practices from dozens of other successful launches.

Few events are fraught with more opportunity and risk for companies than the launch of a new or revamped product. Studies have repeatedly shown that over half of new products fail. Companies launching new products have to master a number of different areas: they must accurately predict customer demand, avoid overproduction (or underproduction), be sure their marketing messages are clear and compelling, and prepare for inevitable competitive responses which threaten the product's long-term success.

To manage these risks, many companies follow some version of a fairly standard, cookie-cutter approach on how to launch a product - process flows and lists of specific activities which must take place for launches to be successful. Yet as the competitive marketplace has become more and more complex, many product managers have found that these lists can be too generic to provide value to their specific situation - in trying to cover activities for all types of launches, they inevitably include many steps that are not directly applicable to their particular product launch.

To help companies more effectively manage the risks inherent in any new product launch, Kaiser Associates has developed an issue-based, rather than activity-based, checklist to assist executives launching new or revamped products into the market.

The ten-point checklist, developed over the course of working with many of the world's leading organizations, helps executives stress test their product launch plans and help them identify weak points while there is still time to address them. By focusing on the key questions, rather than the activities, which should be addressed, the checklist enables managers to focus on identifying risks to the success of a product, rather than completing a series of tasks to get to a launch date.

"Since there is so much at risk with the launch of a product, many companies have found that stepping back and having a structured way to review the key issues before launch can make the difference between success and failure," said John Rodgers, Vice President at Kaiser Associates. "It often identifies hidden risks while there is still time left to make adjustments."

Since launching a product is such a critical activity, no matter how much research has been done in advance, no matter how many demand forecast models have been built, or no matter how much of the marketing mix has been planned, an outside perspective can often prompt a question or two that hadn't been thought of yet.

In the white paper that accompanies the checklist, readers learn:

  • The ten specific areas that must be addressed to increase the chances of success
  • Which areas are the most likely to cause failure
  • How to avoid the most common pitfalls when launching a product
  • What leading companies are doing to minimize the risk with their product launches
  • How to leverage best practices in product launch
  • What critical data many companies often miss that could make the difference between success and failure
  • Where last-minute refinements can eliminate obvious risk

Kaiser also offers half-day and full-day on-site workshops to facilitate organization's review of their product launch plans and identification of areas they should focus on prior to the launch. These workshops help client organizations clearly define key priorities and specific actions to take going forward to improve the chances of success.

For more information please contact:

John Rodgers
Vice President, Product Launch Initiative
Kaiser Associates
1747 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, 9th Floor
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 454-2081
jrodgers (at) kaiserassociates.com
Or visit us at: http://www.kaiserassociates.com/cs/product_launch

About Kaiser Associates:
Kaiser Associates is a global strategy-consulting boutique, based in Washington DC, with 28 years of experience helping leading corporations gain and sustain competitive advantage. Kaiser is unique among leading consulting firms in its ability to offer clients fact-based insights and advice based on external learnings. Its powerful research and analysis capabilities offer clients penetrating insights into their customers/channels, their competitors, and their industry, as well as the best practices employed by peer companies and "best-in-class" organizations.

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