The Amazing Best Money-Making Ideas For Entrepreneurs in Your Small Business Venture and Personal Finances.

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There are methods that, over time, have proven to be effective for those successful in earning and multiplying their income. These common denominators result in successful business ventures. These tested ideas come from simple, methods proven time and time again. We've heard many of these but its good take a look at them once more.

Some things never change and this applies to money and business, as well. At any time in history, no matter what the state of the economy, these remain true. Whether you are familiar with the secrets or not, their "magic" when put into practice, are guaranteed. They just need you to bring them to life! Any one of these financial methods could change your life - so let's get started!

Amazing Money Idea No. One

Albert Einstein said, "It takes a genius to see the obvious". The simplest concepts can be the most powerful and sometimes we ignore these ideas. Unfortunately, we can fail to put them into practice and we don't let them work on our behalf.

One of the most powerful ideas is: Keep a daily log of everything you spend. Go to the dollar store and buy a notebook. Always carry your notebook and write down everything you spend. There's something almost "magical" that will happen when you do this simple thing. It suddenly makes your outflow of money somehow very real to you. It, simply and clearly, shows where you're spending and, more importantly, why you are spending it as you do. Once you understand your reasons it becomes much easier to control your spending habits.

Folks who do this learn about themselves and are often astounded as what they find. One individual saw, through examining her spending notebook, that $2,000 a year was spent on junk food! Since her job brought in $12,000 a year she realized that more than 15% of her total income was used on something as frivolous candy, pop and chocolate bars. When she gave these up she found money to afford health insurance plus money left over! When you can choose snacks over health insurance - which would you choose?

Her daily log helped her regain control of her finances. When you too keep a spending log it will help you regain control over your financial life as you continue to use the log consistently. There may be but a $1.00 notebook and a pen between your life of financial struggle or financial freedom.

Amazing Money Idea No. Two

Stop deficit spending! We all know the trouble "Uncle Sam" is creating by spending more money than the Country takes in. This is called deficit spending. Deficit spending applies to you, as well. Using those little plastic charge cards may be the "American Way" but it's a very poor way, indeed.

Today, more than 55% of the population carries credit card debt of more than $10,000 to $12,000. The average revolving credit card debt has increased nationally from $54 Billion in 1980 to 14 times at more than $753 Billion says Federal Reserve websites. Banking experts say when an individual owes more than $10,000 to $15,000 in credit card debt they will always be a slave to the banks as it's very difficult to remove oneself without good effort. Don't fall into the credit-card debt trap. Keep those interest dollars in your pocket where they were meant to be!

It's easy to fall into this credit card spending trap and the reason is psychological. When you give a clerk a credit card it's not the same as handing over a roll of bills. Would you as readily hand over a roll of ten dollar bills as flip a credit card across a counter? You probably wouldn't. Credit card spending is just too easy.

Paying your credit card down is amazingly difficult. Credit card debt takes your financial strength like an open vein will rob your body of life. When you use a credit card by choice it easily turns to using it for essential needs - and once you're using your credit card for daily needs you're already in trouble. More than 55% of the population carry unpaid credit card debt and hold an average of nine credit cards as a family - that amounts to $85 Billion paid to the banks in interest as of 2004 Federal Reserve figures that could be in families' pockets.

Take a pair of scissors TODAY, cut your cards in half, and begin paying debts back. Once you stop adding to your debt - even the small payments you pay will eventually add up. You can get out of the debt pit if you are patient and disciplined. Once the debt is paid off adopt a strict pay-as-you go policy. Instead of "Buy Now - Pay Later" choose to "Save Now - Buy Later"! Choose to buy when you have the full amount and can afford to pay your debts then and there.

This is not "rocket science" but stopping credit-oriented consuming is one of the most powerful financial tools available to anyone today. Why not pick up this sometimes overlooked tool and use it today?

Amazing Money Idea No. Three

Sell your junk. Search through your house or apartment for every item you don't need and convert it to cash at a flea market or your own garage sale. Most people are astounded by how much money is tied up in their useless stuff. Why let it collect dust in your attic? It could gather interest in a savings account today! Take stock now and set up your own garage sale or flea market. You could easily be $500, $1,000, even $3,000 wealthier by the end of the week. Also, a garage sale is an excellent way to clean your house while giving you a psychological boost that helps gain control of your life and money.

Amazing Money Idea No. Four

Ben Franklin said: "A penny saved is a penny earned." It's still true and this is one of the most powerful money-making tips.

It's tough to save and easy to spend! That's why every penny saved is really earned. It takes effort to hold on to your cash! If you can do this it will work wonders in your life. Having a savings account de-stresses your life - imagine being ahead of your bills rather than behind in debt! When this happens your entire life comes under control. You'll sleep better at night and your mind is much freer to come up with new ways to earn the money you need. Saving is contagious and once you start it will become a way of life for you.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

a) Don't settle for an interest-bearing Checking Account only. Have separate Savings and Checking Accounts where the Savings Account is not readily available to you in proximity or by ATM cards;

b) Keep your savings and checking accounts in separate banks (with your Savings Account not located near your home and away from your regular route without an available ATM card). That way you won't be tempted to withdraw funds when you are making a Checking Account deposit.

c) Buy short-term savings bonds with six-month to one-year maturity dates. You will get a higher return while keeping your money easily available in case of real emergencies.

d) If you can open the savings account with two names requiring both signatures that is preferable. Two people can debate each withdrawal and keep each other in line.

Amazing Money Idea No. Five

Think positively everyday about wealth and abundance in your life. We are what we eat and, yes, we can become what we continually focus our minds upon. A positive mental attitude towards your possibilities of a great sustainable income can help you work towards your dreams coming true.

The fact is that behind every wealthy man and woman is a positive attitude toward money. Here's a quick demonstration:

(1) Person #1 with a negative money attitude has daily thoughts such as:

"Jeez! $20 bucks is hard to come by! I seem to work so hard and get so little for it. Money just slips through my fingers. It's amazing how much money you have to earn to just get by these days. I'm never going to be able to afford that new car on my limited salary, but this job is still the best thing going for me right now. It's easy for some people to make a lot of money, but I'm not one of those people ..." and on and on.

(2) Person #2 with a positive money attitude has daily thoughts which go this way:

"You know, I bet if I work hard I can get a raise next month and then I'll take half of the extra money I make and toss it in a savings account. There must be a 100 other ways I can bring in some extra cash. Money is not all that hard to earn if you work hard, watch your spending, and save a little at a time. There's enough wealth for everybody and I can easily get my share ..."

Which person will have a better chance of success? You don't need to be a "Rhodes Scholar" to see how the first person is dragging himself down with negative thoughts - and how the second person is giving himself a fighting chance to make life work.

Look at it this way: It costs nothing to have negative or positive thoughts. So why not have the positive?

There are studies on thought patterns of the wealthiest, most successful people in the world. What they had in common was a positive attitude toward money and their ability to earn it.

We strongly recommend you begin shaping your thoughts TODAY toward positive thoughts. Then step back and watch the miracles happen.

Amazing Money Tip No. Six

Do what you love and money will follow. I think there's a book by that title - at any rate it's true. One of the reasons many people live paycheck to paycheck despite working hard is that they hate what they do. If you hate your job you won't have a positive attitude toward money. You will associate money with that awful sound of the alarm clock each morning. When your source of income is tied to feelings of being a slave - that's what you will become.

Starting today, begin planning your escape. Ask yourself:

"If money were no object, what would I be doing? What do I like to do most for fun - is it also possible that I could get paid for it?"

Never give up your search. It may not happen tomorrow but at the right time opportunities will present themselves.

Sound ludicrous? It's not. If your work is not your play you are fighting against yourself. You will eventually burn out and hate the world. On the other hand, if you get up every day excited, positive, and looking forward to what you are doing - and making money at it - it will move you toward doing more and more of what you love.

Amazing Money Idea No. Seven

You must become organized. Being efficient and tidy has more influence on how much money you make than you can imagine. A lot of us are accustomed to associate a messy desk with genius as we've seen many photos of brilliant scientists behind desks with stacks of junk. Guess what? Great scientists don't get paid much either! They are usually not worried about making money. Their university or the government organization takes care of them.

You, however, want to gain in life so you can't afford to be unorganized. Think about it. You need to find the stapler but your office is such a mess fifteen unproductive minutes are spent looking for it. Next, you need to locate a file and that takes twenty minutes. By the end of the day you easily waste hours looking for things you've mislaid. The same goes for any job. If you are an auto mechanic how much time do you spend locating a wrench when you could have it at your fingertips? A little organization goes a long way - start today.

Its disorganized folks who are saying, "I seem to work hard but get nothing done!" Of course! You spent the entire day looking for the Scotch tape! The fact is - time is still money. The more time you spend unproductively, the less time you are earning the money that will take you out of debt. Clean up your office. Organize your tool shed. Get your bookwork organized. Think of every minute saved as a buck in your pocket.

Amazing Money Idea No. Eight

Make your own daily Top Ten List. Sit down every morning with your coffee and list the top ten things you would like to get done - then organize by these by priority. Start with item #1 and go down the list as fast as you can.

This is a powerful way to get work done. It will also put cash in your pocket. Making money is about movement - forward movement. As the famous novelist Ayn Rand said, "... in a capitalist society the most important things a person can do is move forward every day ..."!

You may not get through the whole Top Ten List every day - nor should you necessarily try. At the end of the day you want to look at your list with pride, examine the completed items and say, "That's what I got done today! I did something to better my life and create wealth!"

Again, these concepts have been used by a majority of the wealthiest and successful people in history. Shouldn't you join the club?

Amazing Money Idea No. Nine

You must set short-term goals as well as the long-term. It's a simple but powerful concept. When you have a target to the future it can act like a magnet that pulls you towards those defined goals.

Setting solid, reachable goals prove to be one of THE most powerful ways in achieving wealth and success. Setting both short- and long-term goals focuses your mind and pulls you along toward better things. Setting goals gives solidity and makes what you really want a reality - and likely to actually come into your life.

Write down your goals and display them in your workplace and home. Every morning look over your goal list and put together your Top Ten to do list for the day. This will move you toward your goals quicker. Every evening go over these goals again and as you fall asleep tell yourself you are going to do everything to make those goals real.

Amazing Money Idea No. Ten

Invest your money. Make your money work for you in multiplying itself. Savings in an account is important but the small bank interest percentage rates are not enough to keep up with inflation (where the cost-of-living percentages increase annually on an average from 1% to 4% every year according to bank statistics).

Do more than save money - invest it. Invest with higher returns such as mutual funds and stocks or the more risky commodity markets. A $5,000 investment in commodities can return you ten times that amount - $50,000 - in a few weeks. You could easily lose it all if you're not careful. Never put all "your eggs in one basket" and never put all your savings in higher risk investments. Diversify with low and higher-risk ventures (depending on your comfort level) and the advice of a good financial advisor. Never put all your savings in higher risk money vehicles or you may lose it. Make thoughtful and wise choices.

Amazing Money Idea No. Eleven

Have fun! It's essential to success. The writer Ray Bradbury said, "If you are not having fun you might as well forget it. Do everything you do with joy and you'll be successful."

Having fun keeps you positive - and you definitely need to be positive to make money and earn a decent living. So come on! Get out their - laugh, clap your hands - live! Have a blast and rake in your earnings!

The world is waiting for you!

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