HemorrhoidsHemroids.com Announces a 24-hour Cure for Hemorrhoids

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For some time, HemorrhoidsHemroids.com has been searching for a fast home cure for hemorrhoids, and now a 24 hour hemorrhoids cure has been found.

Hemorrhoids / hemroids / piles can happen to anyone of any age, but now there is an essentially free 24 hour cure for hemorrhoids.

For some months, Mr. Urquhart, a psychologist, of HemorrhoidsHemroids.com, a website devoted to hemorrhoids treatment and understanding hemorrhoids, has been searching for a way to shrink hemorrhoids quickly.

Several days ago it was found that a small number of hemorrhoid sufferers had found a way to shrink their hemorrhoids overnight.

The information on this hemorrhoids treatment is provided free, and the ingredients can be obtained off ordinary supermarket shelves, without the embarrassment of picking up and buying a hemorrhoid cream or cushion over the counter.

The success rate may be as high as 85%.

More information on this hemorrhoid shrinking cure, including warnings and precautions, can be found on the 24 hours hemorrhoids cure page

The basis of the 24 hour hemorrhoids cure involves using a combination of apple cider vinegar, B vitamin and Rutin. The apple cider vinegar can quickly shrink the hemorrhoids, while the B Vitamin and Rutin help the body to heal from within.

Pregnant women may also be able to use the apple cider vinegar - if their doctor agrees - as apple cider vinegar is a food, and is used in small quantities in this treatment.

However, apple cider vinegar may NOT be research validated to be safe during pregnancy, which is why a doctors opinion should be sought.

After some careful attention to detail, and further research, it has been found that:

This hemorrhoid cure is suitable for hemorrhoids that are damaged and bleeding - it stops hemorrhoids from bleeding very quickly, and starts shrinking them as well.

Further, although the hemorrhoids cure was originally intended for external hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids that form on the outer ridge of the bottom hole) and prolapsed internal hemorrhoids (internal hemorrhoids that pop out of the bottom hole), a method was worked out, and is explained on site, on how to treat internal hemorrhoids that are still inside and not showing through. This may well be an internet first.

Painful hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids that are red and sore and possibly itchy, also respond very well to this treatment, due to it's anti-inflammatory action.

Even slightly infected hemorrhoids may be treatable using this cure, as the strong antibacterial action will help kill the infection.

At this point in time, thrombosed hemorrhoids are still best treated under medical guidance, as the blood clot, if dislodged, may prove harmful to another part of the body. So like pregnant ladies, people with a hemorrhoid thrombosis really need to check with their doctor about using this hemorrhoids cure. A thrombosed hemorrhoid is a hemorrhoid where the blood has pooled for too long within it and clotted - normally blue or black in color, and normally very painful.

In summary, HemorrhoidsHemroids.com has found a hemorrhoids cure that works on nearly every type of hemorrhoid: Internal hemorrhoids, external, prolapsed internal, bleeding, painful and even hemorrhoids that are infected. Medical advice should be sought before using this cure, especially if you are pregnant or have a thrombosis in a hemorrhoid.


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