Patients Choosing Facelift and BOTOX in Boca Raton to Rid Summer Wrinkles

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After spending time in the sun this summer, many people are turning to facelifts and non-surgical treatments such as BOTOX® to help diminish their signs of aging. Dr. Steven Schuster explains more about the available treatments.

People in South Florida are seeking treatments that give them a more youthful appearance after being exposed to the sun this summer. With sun exposure being one of the top causes of aging, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven H. Schuster ( says that many people are turning to facial cosmetic surgery procedures and are complementing these procedures with injectables such as BOTOX® in Boca Raton, along with fillers such as Restylane®, JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel, and RADIESSE®.

"Now that people have spent time basking in the sun and forgetting to reapply sunscreen on summer vacations, they are taking a closer look in the mirror and not liking what they see," notes Dr. Schuster. "Many people don't realize just how powerful the sun's UV rays can be and how much they affect the aging process. Fortunately, there are a broad range of treatments available to help reverse skin damage and give people a more youthful appearance."

To help correct these signs of aging, many people are considering and blepharoplasties (eyelid tucks) and facelifts for longer-term and more noticeable results than simple over-the-counter treatments. Facelift in Boca Raton is useful for improving skin tightness on the lower two-thirds of the face including the cheeks, jaw line, and neck. This procedure tightens underlying tissues and facial muscles while removing excess skin. Some patients choose to use their own body fat as a filler at the time of facial cosmetic surgery to enhance their facial volume. Many other patients are adding dermal fillers and BOTOX Cosmetic to their lower face surgery since these injectables are very useful in treating wrinkles on the mid to upper face, the forehead and around the mouth.

"Over time, the sun can cause photoaging that not only causes wrinkling and poor skin tone, but also creates skin sagging," explains Dr. Schuster. "A facelift can restore a more youthful facial contour, while non-surgical treatments like injectables and cosmetic laser therapies can improve skin tone."

Some of the treatments that Dr. Schuster may recommend for people seeking an entirely non-surgical approach to healthy looking skin include laser photorejuvenation, chemical peels and Thermage®. Laser treatment is very useful for sun related damage such as sun spots, hyperpigmentation, freckles and wrinkles. Thermage uses radiofrequency technology and is useful for skin tightening.

"People are taking advantage of the advanced skin treatments and cosmetic procedures available at my practice rather than just regretting the sun exposure they've received this summer," notes Dr. Schuster. "Non-surgical skin treatments and facelifts in Boca Raton are great solutions but aren't meant for everyone, so if your skin doesn't look as good as you'd like, take the time to meet with a highly qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon for a professional opinion on the various treatments that make sense for your complexion."

Dr. Steven H. Schuster ( is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and serves people from West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and surrounding areas. He earned his medical degree from New Jersey Medical School and went on to complete several residencies and fellowships in the New York and New Jersey areas. He focuses not only being skillful, but also staying up to date on the latest advances of plastic surgery and contributing his knowledge to others.


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