ANGRY WHISTLEBLOWER TARGETS CULT IN AMORC UNMASKED Author Pierre S. Freeman Reveals Secrets of Rosicrucian Mind Control Program

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After chronicling his 24 years of subjugation to a Mind Control Cult called AMORC (the Ancient and Mystic Order of Rosae Crucis) in a book called The Prisoner of San Jose, Pierre S. Freeman now exposes more details of its secret, hypnotic protocol in a new book, AMORC Unmasked. Although thoroughly revealing the outrageous claims and spurious Mind Control practices that seek to enslave the mind of its members, Freeman is also concerned to defend and even suggest the direction of a true spiritual path. His ability to do this is a tribute to the valiant struggle he has conducted for so many years to regain his personal dignity and step back again towards the Path of Truth and Light, which he believes is everybody's right and true spiritual legacy.

For seekers and prisoners alike -- and aren't we all a little of both? This beautifully written, eminently practical and unflinchingly honest book belongs on the short shelf of wisdom literature where true freedom through loving union with God may still be found.

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Having recently released his first book, The Prisoner of San Jose, which described his agonizing Mind Control journey through the labyrinth of so-called the Ancient and Mystic Order of Rosae Crucis (AMORC), Pierre S. Freeman now presents his personal interpretation of AMORC's "spiritual" posture as a veil for a Mind Control protocol. The book is published by the Arizona-based publishing company, Wheatmark, Inc.

"It is hard for people to understand the depths of my anger," says author, Pierre S. Freeman, "I literally lost my soul for over twenty years. Although my last book talked a great deal about the effect of Mind Control on me personally, in AMORC Unmasked, I wanted to explain more how these subtle hypnotic methods can transform a person from a free-spirited and independent individual to a slave of a Mind Control's organization flawed agenda for controlling and using their members."

In AMORC Unmasked. Freeman unfolds the incredible details and methodology of the step-by-step hypnotic program of the secret order known for its flamboyant mystical recruiting style and its colorful, Egyptian-styled headquarters in San Jose, California. In the book, Freeman reveals more intimate details of AMORC's Mind Control methodology and how its hidden agenda advances from mild hypnotic induction to more serious forms of post-hypnotic suggestion and hallucination.

According to Pierre S. Freeman, AMORC's weekly monographs, practiced by all participating members, include lessons in telepathy, telekinesis, even the ability to create actual physical objects through the power of visualization. Further, members are taught how to become invisible at will, and trained in the Art of Assumption which is a method for taking over other people's consciousness without their knowledge or consent in a way that serves their personal interest. Ultimately, members are taught to use the Art of Assumption to remotely manipulate the consciousness of world leaders and influence sensitive political events. They are even instructed in the use of a crystal ball. According to Freeman, AMORC ultimately promises a virtual Aladdin's lamp for manifesting their most treasured desires to active, serious members.

Bill Krohn, (a film critic for the Cahiers du cinema, and historian of film who wrote Hitchcock at Work and a documentary filmmaker, who produced It's All True: Based on an Unfinished Film by Orson Welles) has long been interested in the line that differentiates a true spiritual organization from one that has socially negative intent. He has this to say about AMORC Unmasked, "The Devil, we're told, can quote scripture, and in a world filled with false religions that imprison followers' minds and souls, there isn't one that doesn't contain a grain of truth and true spiritual seeking. That is how mind-control groups that call themselves religions attract members and enslave them, through the use of techniques that work because they contain distorted traces of real knowledge, but pervert them for the sake of profit and power."

Having said this, Krohn comments on this important facet of Freeman's subtle expose, ["AMORC Unmasked achieves the near-impossible. By describing and analyzing the inner rituals and secrets of the Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross, whose prestigious history may well be rooted in mysteries long lost and forgotten, Pierre Freeman sifts out the grains of truth while exposing the falsity of what are essentially techniques of self-hypnosis, and the culture of unfreedom that they make possible: something he understands well because he was its prisoner for almost a quarter of a century."

Upon reading this book, many readers will discover that AMORC Unmasked is more than just an expose. As Bill Krohn concludes,"For seekers and prisoners alike -- and aren't we all a little of both? This beautifully written, eminently practical and unflinchingly honest book belongs on the short shelf of wisdom literature where true freedom through loving union with God may still be found."

AMORC Unmasked will display to readers how a religious cult deploys advanced hypnotic and mind control techniques to not only retain its membership, but to also enslave them. When AMORC's mask is ripped off, the reader will see the cynical, jeering skeletal smile hidden behind the veil of secrecy and the promise of Cosmic Consciousness. Still, even with this said, behind these shadows lies a brighter hope hinted at and also exposed in Freeman's new book, which will be officially released in November.

Visit AMORC Unmasked's website at The Prisoner of AMORC, where you can preorder the book today. Freeman blogs about subjects on Mind Control, AMORC, avoiding dangerous cults, ways to escape from Mind Control cults and how to regain your inner freedom at Author's Blog Read Now.

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