Leading Live Chat Software Company Announces Many Innovative Features Just in Time for Christmas

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Live2Support Inc., found on the web at http://www.live2support.com, has announced several major updates to its live support software application just in time for the upcoming holiday season. These product enhancements will dramatically improve the level and quality of customer service currently being delivered to chat customers. These new features include the introduction of Co-browsing and SnapShot, a fully customized screen viewing capability, which enables live chat support operators to remotely access the monitor of their site visitors.

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Access to the site visitor's screen in real time is perhaps the most effective way to engage them in a constructive dialog and address their specific questions accurately which happens to be the crux of customer engagement

Live2Support Inc., which can be found on the web at http://www.live2support.com, recently announced a full range of new product features and enhancements which will not only significantly add to the positive chat experience of site visitors but will also equip chat operators with a powerful arsenal of functionality that will further streamline the customer support delivery model currently being deployed on its customers' websites.

New and Improved Live Chat Software for a High Impact User Experience

Live2Support, the company's flagship live chat application, enables both small and large companies with customer-centric websites, to deploy live chat on their websites for seamless two-way real time communication with site visitors, prospects and existing customers. The live chat software is available in two versions. The web based version of the application involves no software downloads. It can be installed in fifteen minutes, and delivers powerful chat functionality to websites entirely through the Internet. The browser-independent windows application version, which resides in the system tray, is designed for companies, which prefer to deliver their live chat service directly from their networks without launching an Internet browser. Both versions, however, are location independent thus allowing chat operators to provide live chat services from geographically diverse regions. "Access to the site visitor's screen in real time is perhaps the most effective way to engage them in a constructive dialog and address their specific questions accurately which happens to be the crux of customer engagement," said Kumar Jeswal, company CEO and founder. An engineer by profession, Jeswal personally supervised the product upgrade right from the conception to the beta testing phase.

Co-browsing and Live Chat

Live2Support's latest release provides a dynamic co-browsing option for chat operators. In the specific context of live chat software, co-browsing permits support operators to view the entire screen of their site visitors during chat session. This feature is activated by clicking the appropriate icon in Live2Support's operator chat window. Co-browsing enables chat operators to directly access the page being visited on the website by site visitors. The moment a site visitor clicks a new page, the screen view available to the chat operator attending to the site visitor changes instantly. Chat operators can not only direct customers to specific web pages on the website and view these pages simultaneously, but also explain them to customers in real time through live chat. This feature can go a long way in making it possible for chat operators to further explain specific products and services displayed on their websites. It can also prove as a valuable asset to analyze technical diagrams, schematics and other graphical representations of specific products presented on the company's website.

SnapShot: Live Screen Viewing when Live Help Software is in Motion

SnapShot, Live2Support's customized version of live screen viewing, is the more potent form of co-browsing Activating this feature from the chat operator window requires chat operators to obtain site visitor's consent prior to activation. Chat operators can not remotely navigate the site visitor's PC. Once authorized and deployed, the site visitor's screen opens in an entirely new window on the chat operator's monitor thus chat operator can see visitor's screen and direct the visitor to provide a better solution. Live screen viewing from Live2Support is especially useful in situations where chat operators provide technical support and perceive the need to access customer workstations in real time to resolve an issue or a trouble ticket. There are other creative applications as well. If the website on which Live2Support has been installed happens to be a product-based e-commerce portal, SnapShot can be used to view picture galleries on customers' PCs to make precise product recommendations based on the snapshots in the site visitor's personal picture gallery or photo folder. This is particularly useful in situations where apparel, accessories, gifts footwear or home furnishings are being marketed to customers. In this context, the ability to match and color-coordinate products before the purchase becomes an added incentive to buy.

About Live2Support

Live2Support Inc. was founded in 2003 to provide online customer engagement solutions to organizations around the world with an Internet presence. The company's live help software has been developed to address the needs of multiple segments of various online communities and e-commerce enterprises including banking, insurance, education, shopping, counseling and others by acting as a two-way communication conduit between site visitors and online enterprises. Advanced-level customization capabilities facilitate the use of the corporate logo, signage, fonts, colors and the strategic positioning of the chat window on web pages thus enabling businesses to give a personalized look and feel to live chat interactions with customers. The live chat software's flexibility and versatility allows companies to tailor independent and separate chat windows for departments such as sales, product promotions, technical support, billing and customer service departments. Live2Support's live support application generates detailed chat transcripts. This enables companies to use these transcripts to conduct market research, develop customer profiles, train chat operators and evaluate chat operator performance. Visit http://www.live2support.com for a 15-day risk free no obligation trial.

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