New Book Argues That the Sun Is Not Real Cause of Skin Cancer: It Actually Decreases the Risk of Most Skin Cancers

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Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. Using peer-reviewed research and scientific reasoning, a new book, "Healthy Sun," provides the evidence that confirms that sunlight is not the central causative element in skin cancer. Sunlight in fact reduces most types of cancers, including many skin cancers. "Healthy Sun" illustrates practical methods to avoid skin cancer while utilizing the sun's full electromagnetic spectrum for vitality and disease prevention.

In "Healthy Sun: Healing with Sunshine and the Myths About Skin Cancer" (, Casey Adams, Ph.D., confronts one of modern medicine's most entrenched assumptions: that the sun causes skin cancer.

Dr. Adams demonstrates through his review of the latest medical research on skin cancer, light therapy, color therapy and the newest information on vitamin D that the sun has been getting a bad rap.

Peer-reviewed research shows that skin cancer is associated with poor nutrition, toxic burden, dehydration, and increased stress levels. "While overexposure to the sun can create an additional burden upon an undernourished body, research indicates that the sun actually decreases the risk of most skin cancers," notes Adams. "We might compare this to a plant that wilts in the hot sun without water or fertilization. Watered and fertilized plants next to the plant could be green and healthy, while this wilted plant has yellowed with disease. Did the sun cause the plant to wilt? The lack of water and nutrients caused the plant to wilt, not the sun," he adds.

"Healthy Sun" not only reveals the latest medical research on skin cancer and the importance of vitamin D. It covers the history of ancient sun therapies and the reverence our ancestors had toward the sun. It also reveals some of the sun's more mysterious effects, including biomagnetism, solar storm activity, color referencing, and circadian rhythmicity.

"Healthy Sun" also discloses the research showing that sunshine therapy can be helpful for many diseases, including arthritis, headaches, hypertension, atherosclerosis, dementia, Alzheimers disease, multiple sclerosis, allergies, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, depression, low back pain, hyperactivity, diabetes, Crohn's disease, angina, bone loss, hyperparathyroidism, IBS, insomnia, acne, lung infections, many forms of cancer and more. The groundbreaking information contained in "Healthy Sun" will undoubtedly change the way we think and feel about the sun.

"Healthy Sun: Healing with Sunshine and the Myths About Skin Cancer" ( is available now through Amazon, Barnesandnoble online, and select bookstores.


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