Connie Goldman's New Book: "Who Am I... Now That I'm Not Who I Was?"

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Formerly on the staff of National Public Radio, Connie Goldman is an award-winning radio producer and reporter. Her six books, radio programs and speeches are exclusively concerned with the changes and challenges of aging in America. Grounded in the art of storytelling from her years as the arts and theater reporter at NPR, her presentations are designed to inform, empower, and inspire. Connie's message on public radio, in print and in person is clear--any time of life, an age, can opportunities for new learning, self-discovery, spiritual deepening, and continued growth.

Connie Goldman is on to something. It's called life. Life for all of us who used to be considered on the other side of the hill.

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Aging can be a time of discovery. Everyone has the potential for change, learning, and growth. But in today's world, however, a great deal of energy is expended to avoid, delay, or mask the changes that accompany the aging process.

In her new book of interviews, WHO AM I... NOW THAT I'M NOT WHO I WAS? CONVERSATIONS WITH WOMEN IN MID-LIFE AND THE YEARS BEYOND, Connie Goldman explores a different and far more complex aspect of growing older: the many and varied choices women make in their middle years and beyond, as earlier objectives and personae fall away and new ones begin to take their place.

In the course of eighteen interviews, we hear artists, administrators, housewives and physicians, teachers and social activists, describing how their sense of self has changed as they choose new paths, face the challenges of illness and divorce, care for elderly parents, pursue new career goals, or simply learn how to slow down and appreciate the passing days.

The stories are full of wisdom and inspiration, and they give us insights not only into how women grow old, but how they grow whole. In brief asides, the author adds just the right amount of gentle probing and analysis to bring the depth and humanity of these stories fully to light.

There's an old saying: "Age has given me what I was looking for my entire life; it gave me, me!"


"Connie Goldman speaks about the aging process with a depth if understanding, insight and grace unlike any other. Her stories of discovery and excavation of the soul brought to life by women who have re-envisioned their lives, chosen new paths, or merely simplified, while also facing the challenges that come with the aging territory, are inspiriting, poetic, full of wisdom - and a great deal of common sense. This landmark book makes you look forward to getting older - a valuable and rare gift in our culture."

-- Sharon B. Whiteley, CEO Third Age Inc.

"For more than 25 years I have talked with Connie Goldman, read her thoughts and interviews and she never ceases to amaze and inspire. This latest collection is a must read for anyone who thinks they know how woman are aging. To age well is a gift."

-- Jane Glenn Haas, Founder, Woman Sage

"Once again, Connie Goldman gives us powerful stories to hold up to the light, so that we can compare them to our own stories of change, growth, and aging--gracefully or otherwise. The honesty, vitality, hopefulness, and energy of her subjects/' voices are brilliant facets that make this a gem of a book."

-- Judy Goggin, Vice President, Civic Ventures


Connie Goldman is a former daily and weekend host of National Public Radio's All Things Considered and also an NPR arts reporter. Her mission for the past quarter century has been to write, speak, and produce public radio specials about transitions in mid-life and the years beyond

"Connie Goldman is on to something. It's called life. Life for all of us who used to be considered on the other side of the hill."

-- Jim Lehrer, Journalist, Host of the PBS Newshour.

She is the author of six books and is a recipient of the Senior of the Year award from the American Society on Aging. More information about Connie and her work is available on her website,

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Connie Goldman is available for interviews. Please call 651-492-4211.


Title: Who Am I... Now That I'm Not Who I Was? Conversations with women in mid-life and the years beyond

Author: Connie Goldman

ISBN: 978-1-932472-92-9 / 216 pages (pb) / $19.95

Release date: October 2009

Publisher: Nodin Press
530 N. Third Street, Suite 120, Minneapolis, MN 55401
Contact: Norton Stillman (612) 333-6300 / Fax (612) 333-6303

Order direct from: Adventure Publications
http://www.Adventurepublications.Com / fax 1-877-374-9016 / phone 1-800-678-7006


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