Desparate Times Call for The Patriotic American Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Pride in America, their heritage, ancestry and the goodness of the American people is motivating The Sorels to awaken the giant within. The Sorels have been hit hard by economic times and have put their heads together and have developed a line of Pro-America greeting cards and gifts that are meant to lift people's spirits for the holidays.

Cris Sorel and her daughter, Carey Darby have teamed up to fight back with their patriotic American entrepreneurial spirit during these tough times, by capitalizing on their heritage and ancestry. Both their husbands and Cris's son Scott work in the financial sector. Carey says, "Waiting for things to turn around just isn't feasible. It's time we tap into our talents and see what we can come up with as a team."

Their ideas for their product lines originated when Carey and her family lived in Europe and saw the striking difference in our cultures. It was an eye opening experience for them. She says, "We are born and raised to believe that when you live in America anything is possible. We are the envy of people globally because of this." The other thing she says you notice is the lack of ethnic diversity within each country. Until you experience it yourself, it is very difficult to imagine. Americans have embraced people from around the world and all walks of life to share in the American experience of opportunity. No other country can claim that".

One thing the Sorels have is a great pride in their country. This is what inspired them to launch two unique patriotic gift lines. When Chris' grandson was born she began to think about the "melting pot" of her own family. "I wanted my grandchildren to know how special they are because of their unique heritage and ancestry." They hired a graphic artist to design a special one-of-a-kind family tree called "Our American Family" that depicts each country by its colors in the leaves of the tree with the family names. They sell them for births, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine's Day, Christmas. Their artist will even include a caricature drawing of their pet or other special memorabilia of their choosing that adds to the charm of this whimsical piece.

Their non-political, pro-America, patriotic greeting cards and t-shirts are again a celebration of the American people and their heritage. Their cards have ornaments that represent America's successes and the positive attributes of the American people. They also have a "Grateful For Our Military" tree that is a tribute to the armed forces and their families.

Their target markets are companies and families who love America and believe in the perseverance, fortitude and resilience of the American people. The messages in their cards are not the stereotypical message people send. Cris works in a large psychological practice and knows from her experience how much people need a positive and motivational lift this year more than ever before.

A donation will be given to feed the poor in the USA, as a way of showing their support for those in need.

Every American has the opportunity to tap into his/her talents and live the American Dream along with the Sorels.

Take Action Today, Inc., 2280 Western Avenue, Guilderland, NY 12084.
Visit their Website for the Family Tree Design and for the Patriotic cards, t-shirts, posters and gifts.


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