Bobbie Pawlucka: Her New Business Model is Bringing Instant Help to Job Seekers

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Job market meltdown victims have immediate hope via a creative Chicago entrepreneur.

Chicago has been a city of historical moments and in 2009 another chapter has been added as local entrepreneur Bobbie Pawlucka is offering much needed help to the millions of laid off workers via her unique business model. "When I can offer hope to thousands of women it is a great feeling and that is what I offer with a proven program that is allowing individuals to create a secure future in the exploding Skin Care and Cosmetics Industry," said Pawlucka.

Bobbie Pawlucka is a real life success story that would make for a great Hollywood script. "I arrived from Poland in 1992 with $150 to my name and a desire to become part of this great country that so many in my homeland raved about with the unlimited opportunities to achieve levels of success unseen in many parts of Poland. I originally called New York City home but quickly relocated to Chicago and built a business background that included owning my own Spa Studio that specialized in facials and massages," said Pawlucka, "but eventually the business owned my entire life and I decided to look at other options and was attracted to the direct sales industry and as a result of my research I have now a business model ( that offers women the opportunity to achieve a secure financial future as a result of the the following product offerings:

  • Skin care .... "Call this the 'Skin Care and Makeup Boutique" as all needed Skin Care products are under one roof with a range of products from Anti-Aging to Super-Hydrating Moisturizers that will help women stay younger looking and with the best exfoliating products offered in the marketplace today the challenges women face as we age has a new best friend that will defeat the aging effects of Mother Time ..."
  • Makeup ..... "If you are going to make the effort to keep your skin younger looking you need to add the best products in the Makeup Industry to enhance the beautiful effects of healthy skin and I offer great cosmetics for the eyes, lips and cheeks to help every women enhance their natural beauty ..."
  • Body & Sun ... "From cleansing to moisturizing and offering the ultimate protection from the sun's rays these spa products will help revitalize and leave the body in a state that most women dream about ..."
  • Fragrance ..."Product offerings for both sexes ranging from romantic scents to woody musks .... with a guarantee that the other sex will be "intrigued" ...."

Bobbie Pawlucka is marketing on a world wide basis and is anxious to talk to women from all walks of life who have a burning desire to create success as an Entrepreneur. "The internet offers individuals the opportunity to build up a sales group in all parts of the world," said Pawlucka, "and the complete marketing program I have in place for new team members with a compensation plan that includes 50% commission on all retail sales and a bonus program offering a company car and an industry changing concept that allows members to sell back their business as a retirement plan package it is easy to see why my business is experiencing the growth very few companies can claim in these very challenging economic times. I tell my personal story to prospects as a way of simply reminding them that I came to America to create success and that success is now within reach with my business model that is rewriting history in the home based entrepreneur industry."

Ms. Pawlucka can be reached in her Chicago office: 312-404-4979


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