Cameron Will Have to Balance Economy and Education to Win Election As WinkBall Takes Voter Video Views to the Conservative Party Conference

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Nationwide poll of over 500 video views reveals The Economy as public's main concerns over the next twelve months

A general election has to be called by next June, what is the one issue you would like David Cameron to focus on between now and the next election to get your vote?

The Conservative Party have been right to focus on the economy and spending cuts at their party conference, a new poll from the video communication service reveals today. According to the poll of over 1000 voter views, more than 13 per cent of voters polled said the British economy, unemployment and the state of the UK's finances were their biggest concern.

Following the success of the recent Labour Party Conference survey, polled the views of over 1000 voters around the country in just two days. Opinions were polled from as wide a field as Manchester and London with over 500 video views hosted on

Voters were asked what David Cameron should focus on if he wins next year's general election. Education was also top of the public's agenda with 10 per cent saying this should be a priority. Immigration was the third biggest issue for voters, with 7 per cent voicing their concerns.

The poll shows that George Osbourne's focus at the party conference on public spending cuts may divide voters across the UK - with concerns over the economy being coupled with a desire for an improvement in the Education system. 5.6 per cent of voters also expressed the NHS as their main priority for the next 12 months, pointing to some tough decisions ahead for The Conservatives if they win the popular vote next year.

Another hurdle all political parties will have to overcome to win the next election is a strong sense of voter apathy. More than 10 per cent of those polled said they were so disillusioned with politicians they were unlikely to vote at all.

Worryingly for David Cameron few voters said that they would vote Conservative until they knew the specific policies the party would put in place if elected. The Labour Party had more die-hard voters with 9.6 per cent saying they has made up their minds to vote Labour, with just 4.4 per cent saying they would definitely vote Conservative whatever may come.

Co-founder of WinkBall, Dr. James Ohene-Djan, said: "This poll shows that the British public are desperate for the economy to return to form, but are wary of spending cuts to public services with the education system and NHS also prime concerns. The Conservative Party will have to tread very carefully over the next eight months to convince voters that they can deliver the dream ticket of managing public finances and improving public services at the same time."

"Opinion polls provide a high level overview of consumer opinion, but video surveys such as this reveal the passion and real concern that people have about the issues that matter to them. If politicians are to overcome the general sense of apathy expressed in this survey, they need to recognise the passion that voters feel on specific issues and take urgent, measurable and practical steps to address these concerns."

To see all voter views on what needs to be David Cameron's priority or to have your say at go to:

Between 2nd and 3rd October 1000 respondents were asked by WinkBall reporters the following question; "A general election has to be called by next June, what is the one issue you would like David Cameron to focus on between now and the next election to get your vote?" - All respondent answers were filmed and uploaded onto

Economy/ Unemployment    13.2
Apathy/will not vote    10.2
Education    10
Support Labour/Brown    9.6
Immigration    7.1
NHS    5.6
Defense/war in Afganistan    5.5
Europe    4.5
Will vote conservative    4.4
Public/local council services    3.2
Crime/Justice System    3
Lower taxes    2.7
Environmental Issues    2.6
Help working classes    2.5
Corruption expenses row    2.2
Pensioners    1.7
Focus on Policies    1.7
Transport    1.7
Education - university fees    1.5
Improve personality/ PR image    1
Gordon Brown should resign    0.9
Less elitist - more equality    0.8
Be less politically correct    0.7
University fees    0.5
Prison service/criminal justice    0.5
Not allowed to vote    0.4
Human Rights/Less Racism    0.3
Banking    0.3
Restructure government    0.2
Young people    0.2
Will vote liberal    0.2
Support New Business    0.2
Regulation of Big business    0.1
Less regulation - no nanny state    0.1
Anti social behaviour    0.1
Public / private sector    0.1
He should resign    0.1
Foreign development    0.1
Arts    0.1
Housing    0.1
Remove Hunting Ban    0.1

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