Broscombe Manor: A Fantasy Mystery - or Something More Sinister?

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There is something strange, something unusual and inexplicable, going on in the lives of John and Sara Crosby. Their home life - at least until recent days - has been an easy-going, satisfying one. John's a lawyer, specializing in family and real-estate law, and Sara runs the family household in the tiny English village of Dipenham, just a few short miles northwest of London. Nothing much ever happens in Dipenham - and that's the way that John and Sara Crosby like it.

And then, out of nowhere, came the dream; vivid and striking, like a piece of watercolour artwork brought to life. John, in his deepest sleep, began dreaming of the long-ago Stanhope clan - mother, father, and five siblings - and their English estate from back in the 19th century. He began to feel a peculiar affinity and affection for this fantasy family, but couldn't find a way, for all that he might try, to explain the dream. Who were the Stanhopes - and what were they doing in the deep-sleep world of a 21st-century English lawyer?

Sara was fascinated - and then jumped into research action mode, scouring the village library, the local second-hand bookstore and the Internet in search of a clue. Yes, a family of Stanhopes did exist centuries ago and the estate home of John's dreams - Broscombe Manor - had indeed been the family seat for many generations. In point of fact, a Lord and Lady Stanhope still existed - as did Broscombe Manor itself, located in a village in Hampshire, just 70 miles from the Crosby home. Clearly, a mystery was afoot - and getting more and more mysterious by the day. It would not be long before John and Sara Crosby were to become deeply caught up in the fascinating history of the Stanhope family and their Broscombe Manor home.

Thus is the stage set for the novel Broscombe Manor, a new fantasy-based work from B.C. author Mel Kazinoff, who has been a writer, editor and publisher for the better part of two decades. Kazinoff, born and raised in England, came to Canada more than 40 years ago and, in Broscombe Manor, he brings with him a decidedly English sensibility and sensitivity - the characters are so real, so true to the period, that they literally jump off the page as the story unfolds.

There are twists, turns and plenty of surprises in Broscombe Manor, which makes it a marvelous read for a lazy weekend afternoon. Kazinoff has created a fascinating, multi-layered storyline, one that keeps the reader continually walking the fine line between fantasy and reality, fact and fiction. And in the midst of it all are John and Sara Crosby, embroiled in mystery, caught in a maze, and desperate for some answers to a beguiling puzzle that has turned their lives upside-down.

Broscombe Manor
by Mel Kazinoff
ISBN: 9780981319100


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