How New Weber Pre-Formed Denture Liners Can Make Your Loose Dentures Fit Better*

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All denture wearers know that what they need for acceptable denture comfort are better ways to have good retention: proper support and stability. The new Weber Pre-Formed Denture Liners can solve the common problems of loose, painful, uncomfortable, and ill-fitting dentures. As can be expected with any removable appliance placed in the mouth, there will be some problems (pain, sores, raw spots, gagging, loose fit) no matter how well modern dentures are made. This is because the best the dentist can do is fabricate the upper denture to work in harmony with the lower denture (or remaining natural teeth) when the wearer is not chewing. However, once food is put in the mouth and the wearer bites and chews, the denture's support, stability and retention is changed by the chewing and biting action. Then the dentures (false teeth) may be forced to move and shift in ways that can cause the denture to be uncomfortable, cause gum pain and generally feel loose and insecure.

WOW!!!! This works - thanks so much - unbelievable comfort.

Originals By Weber, Terry L. Weber, owner, announces immediate availability of their new (Patent Pending), long lasting Weber Pre-Formed Denture Liners in a handy do-it-yourself-at-home kit. These low-cost, long lasting pre-formed denture liners are made of a compound that is putty-like, always flexible and re-usable.

The Weber Pre-Formed Denture Liners are supplied in pre-cut shapes for both upper and lower dentures and they are approximately 1/8" thick. The Liners are made to self-adhere to the dry acrylic plastic of most modern dentures with no need to use any adhesive powder or paste.

How To Use:
(1)    Use your fingers to peel the pink plastic protective covering off of both sides of the Pre-Formed Liner.
(2) Use fingers to press the Pre-Formed Liner onto the dry surface of the denture. When in place, the liner will self-adhere to the denture. No powders or pastes are needed to keep the liner securely in place. The Pre-Formed Liner simply drops into place on the denture (uppers or lowers) and then self-adheres to the acrylic plastic of the dry surface of the denture.
(3) Put denture in mouth and gently apply bite pressure to squeeze and shape the Liner for best comfort.
(4) Remove denture, and if needed, sparingly sprinkle top of Liner with the (included) Weber Denture Adhesive Powder.
(5) Put denture back in mouth and begin talking, eating and smiling in complete confidence and comfort.
(6) At bedtime remove denture, rinse the Pre-Formed Liner until clean under running water and it is then ready for next day's re-use.

History of False Teeth and Dentures:
Many of today's denture wearers are unaware the history of false teeth can be traced all the way back to the 15th century. Back then, false teeth were made of many different materials such as: hand carved animal bones, animal teeth, healthy human teeth, hardwood, whalebone, and elephant or walrus ivory. Those dentures were often held in place with lacings made of different kinds of metal or gold wire. Those false teeth were quite crude and very uncomfortable and were made only to improve the wearer's appearance. When eating, they were removed and the owner usually left the table and ate food in private.

Why Are Pre-Formed Denture Liners Needed?
When natural teeth are removed the body begins a never-ending process of bone and gum shrinkage that slowly changes the shape of gums, jawbones and lips. Thus, sooner or later, the denture that once fit so perfectly when new will get loose to the point where it can become very uncomfortable to keep in the mouth - even while eating. This constant shrinkage results in dentures that have far less support, stability and retention than what is needed for the denture wearer's comfort. Using the new Weber Pre-Formed Denture Liners can quickly and easily "fill the gaps" and prevent the painful sores and general discomfort caused by wearing loose dentures.

When Weber as asked to share some of the feedback from his customers he said: "Here are a few examples of comments I get from customers about the Weber Pre-Formed Denture Liners:"

(1) "WOW!!!! This works - thanks so much - unbelievable comfort."
(2)"Well, I slept with both - and did not lose them last night - amazing how much better my gums and the roof of my mouth feel - I may have to add a bit more liner - but even my lower partial is feeling better. Thanks."
(3) "Excellent service ordered on Mon. received in France on Thurs. Liner worked perfect."
(4) "Wow I am excited- I used the pre-formed liners this morning for the first time. I have been relining my dentures in one way or another for 50 years (I got my first set when I was a junior in high school). I Love the way these went on today and the way they feel. For the first time I didn't have to mold and spread the liner to fit the denture. I trimmed the excess off and will experiment on using it for sore spots if they happen. I believe these pre-formed liners are a real break through". (Arlene)

The Weber Pre-Formed Denture Liners are available immediately in kits with: (1) 4-Preformed Denture Liners (choice of uppers, lowers or both) for: $24.95 (2) 10-Preformed Denture Liners (choice of uppers, lowers or both) for: $39.95. A bottle of Weber Denture Adhesive Powder is included with all kits. All shipping and handling is free (to USA). Satisfaction guaranteed or money back. To place an order or for more information, contact: Originals By Weber, 338 Alabama Avenue, Toms River, NJ 08753, 877-309-8382. Website is:


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