Dean Shrock Ph.D., Author of 'Doctor's Orders: Go Fishing!' and 'Why Love Heals', JoinsHost Doreen Agostino on 'Align Shine Prosper' Show!

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Best-selling author and researcher Dean Shrock, Ph.D., released his newest book in August 2009 entitled 'Why Love Heals' in which he reveals: the secret to health and wellness is finding your joy!

Modavox, Inc. (OTCBB:MDVX - News) Internet broadcasting pioneer, producing and syndicating online audio and video, today announced that best-selling author and researcher Dean Shrock Ph.D., will join Doreen Agostino, host of 'Align Shine Prosper' on VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 3 pm Pacific.

Dean Shrock, Ph.D. was born in Central Pennsylvania. He attended Cleveland State University earning a bachelor's degree in psychology in 1968.

In 1977 Dr. Shrock began training as a lecturer in a self-help program with its founder, Ken McCaulley. Shrock returned to college in 1980, graduating from the University of Akron in Ohio with a master's in Community and College Counseling in 1983, and completed his doctorate in Counseling Psychology in 1986. His doctoral dissertation was titled, Relaxation, Guided Imagery and Wellness.

In 1986 Dr. Shrock completed a post-doctoral internship where he developed a research proposal for the Cleveland Clinic to test the effectiveness of guided imagery with cancer patients. In 1987, he interned as a staff psychologist with the Nittany Valley Rehabilitation Hospital in State College, Pa. While there, he also interned with Dr. Carl Simonton at the Simonton Cancer Center where he initiated his research with psychological approaches to cancer care.

In 1988 Dr. Shrock was hired by a physician management group to provide psychological services for a group of 40 cancer centers. Here, he developed a wellness program whose primary purpose was to instill a greater 'will to live'. While bringing more joy and meaning into life surely could affect a patient's quality of life, Dr. Shrock's research published in 1999 found that it extended their length of life. He concluded they lived longer because they felt listened to, cared for and supported. His experience and expertise, led to his being invited to co-author the chapter on Mind-Body Medicine in what is regarded as, 'The Definitive Source in the Field' for healthcare providers; the textbook Integrative Oncology.

Dr. Shrock wrote a book in 2000 about the wellness program he taught and insights he gained. This book, Doctor's Orders: Go Fishing is not about cancer, as much as it is about life. Readers can use the information to get well and stay well. People who are busy doing what they like, not only tend to forget their aches and pains, they also experience a positive effect on their quality and length of life.

Dr. Shrock was very intrigued by his finding, that feeling loved and cared for could extend survival with cancer. This culminated in his 2009 book, Why Love Heals. He now resides in Eagle Point, Oregon and lectures regularly about his 'Going Fishing' approach to life, and how to find true joy, peace of mind, great health and inner love.

Join Dr. Shrock on Align Shine Prosper and learn from one of the world's preeminent experts on why love heals and how you can achieve:

  •     Peace of mind
  •     True joy
  •     Greater health
  •     A deeper sense of inner love

Can you imagine going to the doctor and the doctor writes you a prescription to go fishing, or whatever brings you great joy? That's what Dr. Shrock did with his cancer patients. And they loved it! To his great surprise most of them found this too selfish. But, still, his patients were living longer, much longer than patients receiving only conventional medical treatment.

So, what was making the difference if it wasn't Dr. Shrock's attempt to instill a 'will to live'? It was because the patients felt loved and cared for, a signal for healthcare to address the whole person, body, mind and spirit.

After more than 30 years of study and practice, Dr. Shrock tells us in Why Love Heals and how to stimulate the natural harmony and order that lies within us, where well-being is the only outcome.

Tune in and tune up with Dr. Dean Shrock Oct 14.09 on Align Shine Prosper!

"Love is the greatest power in the universe and vital for creation. It is the solution to every problem. If you want to know how and why, read Why Love Heals and make it a part of your life. It is a gift you and the people in your life, will be forever thankful!" - Bernie Siegel, M.D. author of 365 Prescriptions For Living and Faith, Hope & Healing.

"Why Love Heals rightfully returns the soul to medicine and opens our minds and hearts to a way of looking at God and our spiritual and eternal selves that sets us free. Dr. Shrock has been among the leaders of Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine and Why Love Heals clearly demonstrates why. I highly recommend it." - Larry Dossey, M.D., author of The Power of Premonitions: How Knowing the Future Can Shape Our Lives.

"I do find this text filled with wonderful insight and gentle wisdom that I know will benefit everyone who reads it. The power of human love is made so understandable in these writings that the true wonder is that we don't all immediately fall in love with each other and stay in love all the time! Thank you, Dr. Shrock for this re-opening to our heart space". Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God.

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ABOUT Doreen Agostino:
In the mid 80s a quest for inner truth led Doreen to modern science & a new world view. Mind & heart wide open, Doreen trail blazed unchartered territory on the leading edge of new thought.
Two & a half decades of research, study & experiential learning, revealed a spirited approach to life Doreen calls inside trading, allowing her to see through the illusions of separation, scarcity, fear & powerlessness, to awaken consciously & experience her infinite Soul Self!

Retired at age 52 after 33 years in a Fortune 500 Company, in 2007 instead of chemo & radiation, Doreen chose the infinite power of Soul love to transform cancer cells into happy cells & restore her biology naturally.

A recognized pioneer in business, Doreen has long pioneered expanding awareness consciously! Blending timeless wisdom, modern science & personal experience, Doreen shines light of conscious thought toward a New Age of Light 2012.

Certified in 2nd Degree Reiki, Holodynamics, a Personal Power Specialist & Silva Method Graduate, Doreen InCourages truth seekers & entrepreneurs to Align with inner truth, Shine light of conscious thought & Prosper from SOULutions as they flow naturally and easily!

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