'A Challenge of Love,' A Fictionalized Novel Based on Real Experiences of Abuse

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When one loses all hope and trust in another person, the power to love, honor and obey becomes lost. Also self-esteem is lost in the bargain. Once that happens everything else in life becomes a greater challenge.

Lately it's been in all the news headlines, TV talk shows, and now in the movies. Whenever someone is abused whether it is physically, mentally, or emotionally, the experience is traumatic. It affects all levels of individuals, from children to teens to adults, and with all classes, whether they are poor, middle-class or the wealthy. No matter what form It takes, or who does it, self-esteem is lost.

Three reasons why a novel titled, "A Challenge of Love," is now so well-timed:

1. This is a well-written, classic novel of hope, inspiration, love, and challenge set in the 1980"s. Its story is still just as true today as it was then. Emotional, mental and physical abuse is still widespread and is still hidden until someone, be it a celebrity, or the Oprah show, brings it out into the headlines and the movies.

2. Whether you've experienced any issues of abuse in the past, from this story you grow in spirit and learn to make the right choices in determining the path your own life takes.

3. If your current and future hopes and dreams are still in the making, you gain insight into knowing how you must never lose your self-esteem. Always trust your instincts. It is one of your greatest powers.

"A Challenge of Love," by Gerri D Smith, is part autobiographical, part fiction with imagination, and inspiration thrown in. All parts interweave into the telling of this story about Dorri LaVogue, the main female character who suffers abuse at the hands of her womanizing husband.

Gerri, the author, says, "I've actually lived and survived parts of it, gained therapeutic cleansing with the telling of all of it, and experienced great pleasure in letting my dreams and imagination take over for the other parts."

Readers say:

"A Challenge of Love" is fantastic. It touched many different emotions: courage, pain, happiness, sadness, strength, faith, and hope. An inspirational story about life in spite of its ups and downs. It demonstrates how life's challenges are not a set back. I personally recommend this book, you will not be disappointed." -Veronica S.- Glendale, CA

"Gerri, A Challenge of Love" was so enjoyable; I didn't want it to end!" - S. Quarles, Wilmington, DE

"Dear Gerri, I want you to know that I really enjoyed my book, "A Challenge of Love." Very remarkably written. Thank you ...Sometimes I saw a bit of Dorri in me." -- P.B. Tyler, El Cerrito, CA

Whether fiction or reality, "A Challenge of Love," brings out the negativity and destructive nature of abuse and challenges it in such a way that all who reads it gains a positive lesson in hope, self-esteem, courage and love.

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