International Protest Against Mind and Body-Invasive Technologies

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On Wednesday, October 14, a global alliance of those covertly targeted by covert mind and body manipulation technologies believed to be emanating from intelligence agency sources, are holding a worldwide protest against the use of these devices on nonconsenting individuals. The technologies used are capable of remotely accessing and adversely affecting the human brain and body functions so therefore raise serious privacy issues for all who value freedoms in modern society.

the new science of applying subtly modulated energy to manipulate brain activity or in order to alter other physiological functions should be investigated again across all agencies and departments of the government.

On Wednesday, October 14, IAACEA, the International Alliance Against Covert Electronic Abuse is staging a worldwide protest against the use of electronic technologies that assault and harass members of the unsuspecting public. This coalition unites concerned professionals and victim groups, in: Canada - Nanaimo, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario, the U.S. - San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA, Cincinnati, OH, Philadelphia, PA, and Washington, DC, England - London, India, China and other countries.

IAACEA claims that many people are suffering from the effects of various advanced technologies that remotely target the human mind and body. Many conventional means of redress are expensive and in some cases, exhausted. Members have organized and report their readiness to stage worldwide civil protests on this vital issue. "This is a historic event...I believe we must win (back) something that belongs to us", says Robin Yan one of the event organizers in Toronto, Canada.

Through these civil protests, IAACEA intends to educate the public, gain media attention and mobilize national policy changes in the involved countries. Long-term goals include: creating laws to protect citizens from electromagnetic arms and prosecuting offenders who commit the crimes of electronic harassment and organized stalking, which often occurs, when these crimes are committed.

IAACEA's stated goal is to ban the use of electromagnetic weapons that remotely interfere with the human body and mind and make it a criminal offense to possess and use such weapons. Electromagnetic (EM) frequencies powering these devices are microwave, infrared, extremely low frequency (ELF) and others. All EM energy is radiation. Members explain that this form of harassment is invasive. They believe that long-term exposures to EM can destroy the health of those targeted, and has caused deaths to occur.

Electromagnetic weapons that remotely "tetanize" or contract muscles are one type of these devices. The patent abstract explains what occurs when this weapon is used on an unsuspecting target: "because the electrical current is a close replication of the physiological neuroelectric impulses which control striated muscle tissue, it tetanizes the subject's skeletal muscles without causing any perceptible sensation." (U.S.. Patent 5675103 Inventors:Herr; Jan Eric (San Diego, CA) 1996).

Other devices can painfully target the human brain, send a microwave audio signal that only one person in a crowd can hear, vibrate internal organs, and send shocks to targeted areas of the body. All of these devices exist in miniaturized, cell phone -like form. They can be activated remotely and covertly, relatively easily, according to private investigator reports and member accounts.

The military has defined these devices. Captain Paul Tyler writes: "The potential applications of artificial electromagnetic fields are wide ranging .. In all of these cases the EM systems would be used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption or perceptual distortion or disorientation.". ("Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology " by Lt. Col Dean, June 1986. This section written by Capt. Paul Tyler).

Unwitting EM assault victims report frightening, and sometimes traumatizing experiences. Once targeted by these rogue elements, assault experiences continue for years without end. IAACEA members explain that this is an insidious crime which is silent, unseen and covert in character. They believe there are horrible debilitating effects, because the entire body is targeted.

Dr. Nick Begich, BBC documentary producer and expert speaker at the European Parliament urges that, "the new science of applying subtly modulated energy to manipulate brain activity or in order to alter other physiological functions should be investigated again across all agencies and departments of the government." ("Earth Rising: The Revolution, Toward a Thousand Years of Peace" by Nick Begich, publisher Earthpulse Press, Alaska, U.S., 2000 ISBN 1-890693-43-X)

U.N. speaker and described non-lethal weapons specialist, Cheryl Welsh, Davis, CA, has documented stories of victims of advanced electromagnetic warfare technology. This CNN News Network documentary producer, urges that, "all non-consensual experimentation needs to stop".

IAACEA states that these illegally transmitted directed energy signals violate the targeted person's civil and human rights. (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: 1948-2009). Protesters and civil rights activists intend that their work will restore human rights to individuals targeted by these assaults. Information on the Protest and IAACEA can be obtained by contacting:

Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance:

Derrick Robinson
Phone: 513-344-4113


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