Tea Connoisseur Launches Tea Enthusiast's Dream Website

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MyGreenTeaStore.com is a bold new website offering the finest green, white, black and oolong teas. Website founder Lawrence O'Briant, an experienced tea drinker, has sampled some of the best teas in the world, and now seeks to bring them to his customers. The website's newest feature is a blog which will discuss the benefits of different teas, the origin of tea and how different flavors are achieved.

I specialize in green tea, as the name of my website indicates

Lawrence O'Briant, founder of http://www.MyGreenTeaStore.com, tried hundreds of different varieties of teas before he came to understand the distinctive difference between high and low grade tea.

"I did some tea drinking before I started my business, but it was limited, and most of the tea I drank was just the standard stuff I'd find at the store," said O'Briant. "Then when I first sampled high grade tea, I was blown away by the difference in flavor."

O'Briant loved the tea so much he was inspired to start an online tea shop, which launched in April of 2009. Since then, O'Briant has endeavored to compile the best possible selection of high grade teas.

"I specialize in green tea, as the name of my website indicates," said O'Briant. "I also offer a lot of unique teas including Pekoe black tea, Chinese gun powder tea, red bush tea and white tea," he added.

With the addition of a new blog at http://www.GreenTeasChatter.com, O'Briant plans to discuss the benefits of tea drinking, the Camellia sinensis plant from which all teas are derived and the oxidation process which produces the different flavors of tea.

"On the blog I want to talk about the benefits of drinking tea, especially green tea which is often considered somewhat of a panacea," said O'Briant. "I also want to talk about the different ways in which the tea leaves and leaf buds are processed, which results in different levels of oxidization, and thus green, white, black and oolong tea varieties."

O'Briant also plans to discuss the spices and oils that are added to different varieties of tea, which in turn give them their distinctive flavor. "A lot of the most well known teas are just the regular varieties with a little something extra," said O'Briant. "For example, some people don't know that the famous Earl Grey tea is just black tea with oil from the bergamot orange," he added.

With an unrivaled selection of high grade teas and unique flavors, MyGreenTeaStore.com is the perfect place for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike to purchase great tea.

About the Company:
MyGreenTeaStore.com is owned by tea connoisseur Lawrence O'Briant.

Lawrence O'Briant
(810) 245-0676

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