Affordable and Practical Alternative Treatment Options Available For Addictions and Mental Health During Recent Economic Downturn

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The economic downturn has affected all sectors of society including the mental health of individuals. Fear and stress produced by economic 'tough times' often leads to an increase in addictions and emotional issues which need affordable solutions.

Studies are continually being conducted throughout all States to determine the effect that the slow economy has on increases in addictions and mental health disorders. Through these studies, it is apparent that when individuals and families experience traumatic events such as living with the fear of job loss, loss of income, home repossession, lack of childcare, bankruptcy and lack of finances for healthcare, their feelings of self-worth, self-esteem, direction and hope are greatly diminished. According to Dr. Alan Meyers and Julia Stewart, founders of Alternative Treatment International, Inc. (A.T.I.) (, a leading non-12 step addictions, mental health, and wellness center located in Clearwater Florida, "These negative thoughts, feelings and emotions can take a drastic toll on the individual and their family's mental health. In order to relieve this emotional and mental pain, many people turn to alcohol, drugs, gambling, and other addictions to deal with the depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, etc. Many experience thoughts of suicide, crime and other drastic behaviors, and do not understand why or have information to help resolve their present situation in a more healthy and productive way".

Through increased media attention, those suffering from the effects of the economy, addictions, and emotional issues will hopefully be made aware of the affordable addiction services available to them. This can produce hope and provide direction to those who would otherwise be unaware of the available options. The bottom line is that affordable treatment and solutions are available and individuals and families are not 'on their own', but have the resources and support of those established and accredited therapeutic programs that are out there.

Alternative Treatment International (A.T.I.) is one example of an accredited addictions, mental health, and rehabilitation center that provides affordable and practical options to address addictions and psycho-emotional issues. They offer a 28-60 day Non-12 Step, 'private pay' inpatient program that can even be scheduled for "one week per month" for four or more months, allowing for a more flexible, affordable and practical option for the client. A.T.I.'s programs include a daily 'intensive outpatient' program that may be attended one day to five days per week, and 'outpatient' individual therapy sessions once or twice a week as needed, providing flexible options. At times, partial scholarships may even be available to assist individuals and families to help pay for their treatment. As well as treating local patients dealing with mental health issues related to or exacerbated by the recession, they also have many clients who travel to A.T.I.'s Florida clinic from places like New York, New Jersey, Texas, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, Louisiana, Connecticut, Arizona, California, and from all over the world, to receive treatment for their addictions.

"For those suffering from addictions and psycho-emotional disorders, A.T.I. offers numerous high quality treatment options to not only deal with immediate health issues but also to begin to resolve the economic and lifestyle issues that may be the cause of the problem. Our unique Treatment Model, Perception Therapy® has proven to be helpful to assist and resolve issues produced by the downturn in the economy," states Dr. Meyers.

It is true that a loss of job is real, bankruptcy is real, foreclosure is real, however, how one perceives their situation determines how they are going to resolve and improve their situation. According to Dr. Meyers, "When thinking changes, behaviors change by themselves. Once clarity has occurred regarding the individual's perceptions, the therapeutic process of making a positive change in thinking is easily accepted by the client. This allows the client to come to productive conclusions, because perceiving and thinking are being internalized in a new way. These perceptions, which have now been modified, allow clearer thinking to occur and positive choices to be made, resulting in an automatic improvement in behavior, relative to their situation. By utilizing a Mind-Body-Spirit-Environment® approach, A.T.I. addresses all areas of the individual and their life, allowing for whole person healing."

The current economic downturn, although showing some signs of recovery, will continue to inflict emotional and economical hardships for some time to come. For individuals who are having trouble coping, there is help to deal with addictions, emotional and mental health issues. And with a little research, effective and affordable solutions for addiction recovery and psycho-emotional disorder treatment can be found.

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About Alternative Treatment International Inc.:
A.T.I. ( offers affordable and practical options to address addictions and psycho-emotional issues, creating opportunities for positive change. A.T.I. is an internationally respected addictions and dual-diagnosis treatment program and non-12-step, holistic treatment center located in Clearwater Florida. For alcohol and substance addictions, depression, trauma, and other emotional and spiritual disorders, A.T.I.'s wellness therapy treats the 'whole person'. For more information call 1-800-897-8060.


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