Largest Ever Internet Marketing MLM Launching in Just a Few Days

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GVO - Set to be the largest ever online Multi Level Marketing (MLM) launch, will make its debut on 20 October 2009

GVO, short for Global Virtual Opportunities, is creating a lot of hype ahead of its launch. With 3.5 years of planning and hard work to put this together, it is set to become the largest ever online MLM launch.

'New kid' on the block - Even though the official launch date is 20 October 2009, GVO has been in business for a long time. GVO is the re-branding of the already very successful has a 12-year established track record in web hosting and is well known for their top notch customer services.

Having the who's who as clients - GVO is already having the who's who in Internet Marketing as clients. Some of the big names include Mike Filsaime, Stephen Pierce, Michael Cheney, Ewen Chia and Frank Kern.

Packed with great products - GVO is set to be the perfect one-stop platform for Internet Marketers and for an affordable monthly price of $44.95 in their Titanium package, a person will get a host of great products including unlimited domain hosting, an in-house autoresponder system, Easy Video Producer and video hosting, Hot Conference webinars and loads of other marketing tools and training. Plus there is 24-hour online support and you can speak with a live person anytime of the day. GVO also owns and maintain all their servers. This is important as they do not have to rely on any third parties and therefore are able to serve their customers better and more efficiently.

And an opportunity for great passive income - Besides the great products, there is also a great MLM business opportunity. GVO presents an incredible opportunity to earn some extraordinary income, via one of the best pay out structure in MLM. Whether a person is looking for a full time passive income from an online business or just to supplement the current earnings, GVO presents a great opportunity.

As motivation for promoting the business, GVO pays a 50% commission for every person sponsored directly under you in the first month. After the first month, the commission earned for direct referrals is 20%. Plus you will get a 5% commission on the referrals below your direct referrals. It is following a 2x10 matrix system, which means a person will earn the 5% commission on all the people that are referred into GVO and it goes 10 levels deep. Also, once a person have 14 direct referrals, he or she will get a banked position - meaning the person can start a new matrix under anyone in his/her downline.

For example, a full matrix of 2,046 people will earn a person as much as $4,600 per month. Plus don't forget the 20% monthly commission on the direct referrals. Say a person has 4 referrals earning $5,000 each a month, he or she will earn additional $4,000 on top of the $4,600 earlier! This is just a flavor of the MLM opportunity. As you can see, with a banked position gained with every 14 direct referrals, the income potential is massive.

The earlier the better - The 2x10 Forced Matrix helps ensure spillovers from the upline. Once the upline filled his or her first level, any new member that he or she signs up will go down the levels. This means the upline is helping fill up the levels for the downlines as well. As such, it is more advantageous to be one of the early birds to join the GVO family - the earlier the better.

Won't work without a good product… - But no matter how good is the payout structure, this will not work if a person does not have a good product to promote. This is where GVO stands out. Having the who's who in the industry as its customers, speaks volume about GVO. With 12 years of established track record, it has the know-how, ability and cutting edge products to ensure the success of this business.

…and longevity of the business - If a person is looking at this as a long-term business opportunity, look no further. The longevity of the web hosting business is ensured with thousands of websites being introduced every day (and no signs of slowing down). Websites need web hosting - just like building a house needs a plot of land. Without web hosting, websites are non-existent.

Few more days left to grab early bird position - GVO is set to become the greatest thing that ever happened to the Internet Marketing industry and is set to make a grand debut on Tuesday, October 20th 2009. Before the official launch, a person can still lock in his/her position as one of the early birds during this pre-launch period. . If you want to take a sneak peek at this exciting offering by GVO, more information can be found at

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