Bankrupt Entrepreneurs Who Failed in Real Estate Crack the Code of the Currency Market Humiliating Wall Street Pundits with Recession Proof Business

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When recession hit late last year, David Fisher knew his real estate investment was doomed. So did several investors who are into stocks, emerging markets and other assets. With their investments on the verge of crumbling, they all turned to the most liquid market in the world--Forex or currency market. Thomas Cardenas*, a former Philadelphia mortgage broker turned to online Forex trading from his home upon discovering that he could make a living from his passion for the financial markets. "I saw the market's potential so I decided to jump into it full time," he said. And with reports that Forex trading is immune to the financial crisis, these small investors got even more thrilled.

Retail investors around the world, particularly in countries where you have more controls over the equity markets, are definitely turning to FX

Colorado based Trading Mastermind, a premier source of trading knowledge and interaction amongst its worldwide trading community cites that the global economic crisis is, in fact, a reason to be more interested in Forex trading because it is one of the only businesses that provides the same opportunity through any economic conditions.

Derived from the words foreign exchange Forex gained popularity among small investors in the past decade with the advent of computers and the internet. Forex trading continues to attract more people amid the crisis and the risk it involves resulting in $3.2 trillion in daily volume. "Retail investors around the world, particularly in countries where you have more controls over the equity markets, are definitely turning to FX," said a Deutsche Bank representative in an interview with Reuters UK.

"I'm really new in Forex and generally in trading," said 26-year old Zack Belelacqua. "In a bad day, I can make about 50 PIPS but on a really good day it could be around 300 PIPS."

"I wanted to replace my job and to take care of my family. My goal is to have that financial freedom and not to worry about money," said Trading Mastermind member Nigel A.* "And I am able to do that because of Forex trading."

"Forex trading offers freedom from the rat race," said CEO and President of Trading Mastermind Scott Shubert. "Sadly, countless people are attracted but many end up frustrated and empty handed," he added. It was not long ago when Shubert himself was just like any other trader who dreams of trading successfully. After seeing something in the market that others failed to see, he began to experience profitable trades which enabled him to leave his office desk and eventually travel to exotic destinations.

Soon enough, other traders came seeking help with their own trading. Though reluctant at first, it dawned on Shubert that his trading method works very well for many people around the world. He along with other traders formed what is now known as Trading Mastermind. The trading group headed by Shubert is set to unleash The Yin Yang Forex Trading Course this month.

Shubert admits that new discoveries have been found 3 years after the release of Trading Mastermind's wildly successful Forex Trading Workshop. "Our original method has worked very well for many people around the world but it has some limitations especially during long periods of price consolidation on longer time frames," said the industry insider.The Yin Yang Forex Trading Course on the other hand is said to contain "the missing key to all trading methods."

"After I bought the course and joined the live webinars, my account doubled in the last 3 months. Actually, a bit more than that," said Shahid Shariff, another trader who joined Trading Mastermind. His experience with the group made him realize that Forex can gave him the quality of life that he had always wished for. "Scott made it so simple and with the Shubert Accuracy Method, life becomes so easy".

Shubert's trading group has always remained small in terms of the number of members. But as Scott recently announced, the Platinum Trading Group once again opens its door to the public after almost a year. And by purchasing the Yin Yang Forex Trading Course, 3 months of free membership will be given to the next 100 traders who really intend to live the life of a professional Forex trader.

Based on the Platinum Trading Group's data, it usually takes about 3 months of daily guidance for many traders to feel confident with the process of entering and exiting trades. Shubert believes that within that time span, a Forex trader will become confident in his ability to leap into full time professional trading.

"It was after I joined Trading Mastermind when I realized that I was actually learning and understanding what is truly going on in the market and I find that much more important than just getting good trades," said Nigel. "I was once a frustrated trader. Now, everything makes more sense to me," he added.

Regardless of level of experience, all Forex traders are invited to participate in the Platinum Trading Group and improve their trading skills through close interaction with other traders while experiencing first hand how Forex trading remains immune to the financial crisis.


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