Benefits of Holistic Skincare and Botanical Ingredients: Boscia Skin Care Review

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Many people yearn for natural products that boost the health and beauty of their skin, yet still require effective skincare solutions. A recent review of the Boscia product line finds that this botanically-based Japanese skincare line is a natural product line worth trying.

Boscia approaches skincare holistically, believing that beautiful skin begins with good health. Its products are free of ingredients that can irritate skin, including preservatives, synthetic colors and fragrances, phthalates, mineral oil and animal by-products.'s latest article, "Boscia Review: Botanical Skincare," finds that Boscia's unique antioxidant-rich cleansers, moisturizers, treatments and supplements are designed to treat a wide range of skincare concerns.

Boscia history and philosophy

Manufactured by the Fancl Corporation, Boscia was started by Kenji Ikemori from Yokahama, Japan. His goal was to create a skincare line with natural ingredients, free of potentially-irritating preservatives and chemicals.

Mr. Ikemori's wife had suffered from blotchy, red skin and rashes, caused by preservatives and chemicals found in some cosmetics and skincare products. He was determined to exclude these ingredients from his new line. Working with a chemist to formulate his natural creations, Mr. Ikemori sold his first batch of products from his one-man shop in the late 1970s. Today, Boscia continues to be committed to superior standards.

Botanical ingredients

Boscia products feature unique antioxidants that offer specialized skin benefits. Jojoba leaf guards against free radical damage from sun, smoke, pollution and chemicals. Willow herb soothes skin, keeping sensitivity and irritation at bay. Hydrangea leaf and soapberry peel deep clean pores and minimize oil. Mannan granules made from the Japanese Konnyaku root exfoliate without damaging or irritating skin. Peony root moisturizes and rejuvenates skin after UV exposure.

Boscia believes in building beauty from the inside out, improving both a person's health and his or her skin. For this reason, Boscia also offers a line of oral supplements for all-around benefits.


Boscia cleansers and washes contain the best botanicals to cleanse and refresh the skin. Boscia Makeup Break Up Cool Cleansing Oil features a refreshing blend of peppermint, eucalyptus and natural oils to remove makeup and impurities. It deep cleans without irritating skin or leaving behind any film. For the body, Boscia Jujube Rejuvenist Amino Body Wash contains amino acids and antioxidants to help renew the skin and defend it against damage. It also hydrates skin and promotes healthy cell regrowth.


Boscia features a collection of multi-tasking lotions and creams that hydrate the skin, protect it from daily damage and improve fine lines and wrinkles. Boscia Vital Daily Moisture SPF 15 moisturizes the skin and guards against environmental damage from UV rays. This moisturizer prevents irritation and is safe for even sensitive skin. Boscia Recharging Night Moisture is designed with jojoba leaf and willow herb to repair and rejuvenate skin overnight. It restores and improves the appearance of damaged, wrinkled skin, while providing the necessary hydration.


Boscia's treatment products address a variety of common concerns, including acne, damaged skin and aging around the eye area. Boscia Antioxidant Recovery Treatment C uses antioxidants, like vitamin C, jojoba oil, willow bark and peony root, to treat damaged skin affected by free radicals. Plus, it hydrates and reduces irritation. For the delicate eye area, Boscia Enlivening Amino-AG Eye Treatment is rich, creamy and hydrating. Packed with amino acids and antioxidants, it staves off signs of aging, like lines, puffiness and circles, around the delicate eye area. covers all skincare and beauty topics from head to toe. Check out these latest articles:

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