Differentiate: A Sales and Marketing Publicity Solution to Invisibility in the Marketplace

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Cutting-edge business to business marketing publicity firm founder reveals why differentiating your product is the key to rising above the competition

You must offer your customers a result or advantage superior to the competition's.

Business to business marketing publicity guru, John Elliott, realized a long time ago that failure to differentiate a product will inevitably result in invisibility in the marketplace.

Conversely, offering your prospective customers a unique and distinctive benefit or advantage above and beyond that of competitors is the key to rising above the crowded market and gaining national prominence.

Elliott knows. For the last 14 years, as Founder and CEO of Power PR, Inc., he has utilized his command of differentiation to attract client companies who want to obtain an abundance of favorable news coverage. As a result, his organization is the only marketing publicity firm in the world to have gotten more than 30,000 articles published for its clients.

"To get favorably covered in the news, there must be something unique about your product, or you don't stand a chance," says Elliott. "You must offer your customers a result or advantage superior to the competition's."

The number of choices among the same type of product is 10 times what it was 25 years ago. Branding a product used to be a way to differentiate it from its competition. Now there are more than 40,000 branded products in the supermarket. Elliott says a sales and marketing publicity firm must first differentiate your product, and then brand it.

"If you want to outsell your competition, and get more money for your product, or if you want to brand your product faster and easier, then you must differentiate it," says Elliott. "If there's nothing unique about it, then you must add something unique to it, and the stronger the uniqueness, the better. For instance, for years Power PR has been guaranteeing its clients that a minimum of five articles would be published per month. It's the only product publicity firm with an article guarantee. This attracts clients who like guarantees."

One point of uniqueness is enough, but the more the better. Elliott's firm, for example, is also completely different from its many thousands of competitors in the following ways:

It is the only business to business marketing firm in the world to apply all of the eight most powerful sales and marketing principles in the world to its clients and the only one with a proprietary sales and marketing program that guarantees the viral spread of their clients' marketing message.

It is the only marketing publicity firm to integrate the eight essential sales steps into their clients' published articles.

It is the only marketing publicity firm in the world to refund money in full if their prospective clients do not approve the sales and marketing strategic implementation plan created for their approval.

Lastly, Power PR, Inc. is the only publicity firm in the world whose WEB site is ranked by Google in the top five for each of the following search categories, performance based publicity, sales and marketing publicity, marketing publicity, product publicity and business to business marketing publicity.

Elliott recommends that all business to business marketing efforts incorporate the power of differentiation so companies can rise above the competition.

For more information, contact John W. Elliott at (310) 787-1940; Fax (310) 787-1970; 18103 Prairie Ave, Torrance, CA 90504.


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