NatureMill Announces Breakthrough Compost Technology

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Wining the War against Landfill and Greenhouse Gasses

NatureMill, Inc. today unveiled its new XE Series of automatic home composters. The new models offer the simplicity and durability required for every day composting, with the convenience of indoor or outdoor use, while reducing overall energy consumption. Now ordinary home users, including apartment dwellers, can nearly eliminate landfill waste and related greenhouse gasses by composting their food waste.

"There's no excuse NOT to compost. You don't need a backyard, a pitchfork, or worms," says Russ Cohn, founder and President of NatureMill. "Our newest composters are easier to use than a trash can - they are emptied less often and smell much better."    

The XE Series is available now at and at limited Costco and Target locations throughout the US. See for store locations.

Starting at $299, the all-new XE series can compost over 100 lbs (45 kg) of food waste per month. New features include a stronger motor to grind and compost the toughest food scraps without jamming, a more powerful filter to eliminate trash odors, and a new heavy duty mode for occasional heavy use. Energy consumption is just 5 kwh per month, costing roughly $0.50 per month depending on local utility rates. A diesel trash truck consumes more energy hauling the same trash to a landfill. A new "Energy Save" mode further reduces energy consumption by 75%. The machine's small size allows it to be used inside a standard kitchen cabinet, which is ideal for people living in apartments with small kitchens.

Food waste is the #1 least recycled material, and the #2 ingredient in landfills. Landfills contain more food waste than diapers, Styrofoam, and tires -- combined. Once landfills are layered deep and saturated with water, no oxygen can penetrate and even "biodegradable" items remain embalmed for centuries to come. Landfills produce methane, a greenhouse gas 21 times worse than carbon dioxide, and leach toxic chemicals into our air and drinking water [source: US EPA].

Composting alleviates these environmental burdens by diverting large quantities of material from the waste stream, returning it to the soil for use as a natural organic fertilizer. Millions of people already compost in their backyard using a variety of do-it-yourself means. Unfortunately, these techniques are susceptible to raccoons, bears, cold weather, and general lack of time or commitment on behalf of mainstream consumers.

Founded in 2004 in San Francisco, NatureMill is devoted to making compost easy and accessible to everyone. NatureMill composters have been sold in 27 countries, and are busy diverting over thirty thousand tons of waste from landfills worldwide.

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