Staving off Old Age Symptoms Now Possible with Brain Training

Share Article, a brain training resource site, is now offering free brain training games for all ages. Neuroscience research has conclusively shown that people of all ages, including the elderly, utilizing brain training games designed for specific tasks, such as reflex speed, concentration, memory and learning, can significantly improve their abilities in these specific areas with regular brain training., a website specializing in the field of brain training exercise, is pleased to announce that they are providing free access to their brain training games for the public. Many new programs and games have been added, allowing people of all ages to take advantage of their fantastic brain training games.

This is more important than ever, because while the health benefits of exercise and physical activity have long been known, what is now becoming clear are the many benefits to training and exercising the brain. Exciting new studies have shown that by keeping the mind active through the use of mental exercises, games and activities, individuals can slow and in some cases even reverse the effects of brain atrophy and chronic illnesses.

Much progress has been made in the last few years through the research of stem cells, neuron research programs and other areas of mental growth, development and maintenance. Neuro-scientists have irrefutably shown the brain's amazing capabilities of neuro-plasticity, the ability to morph and change itself, by building new neuro networks in the brain through training and compelling the existing connections you have to become larger, quicker and more robust.

This is a major breakthrough, because for as long as the brain has been studied, scientists and doctors have assumed that much of the brain is unchangeable after childhood. However, the breakthroughs regarding neuro-plasticity prove quite the opposite. With the proper tools and programs, all areas of the brain including the neocortical areas can evolve and be fine tuned, growing new cells and forming new connections.

Just as with strength training, which increases your bone density and therefore provides a strong foundation for older age, brain games can increase the foundation of connections that your brain has, fortifying it for whatever the aging process may bring. You can also form new connections that will leave your mind operating on a plane it has never reached before.

Because of the recent breakthroughs that neuro-scientists have made regarding the brain's ability to grow stronger and evolve, the world of brain fitness has been expanding rapidly. Neuro-plasticity is proving to be a bandwagon that many people are trying to jump on. Brain training games are being released that specifically target various functions of the brain ranging from memory to speed and from problem solving to creativity, to help everyday people take advantage of these scientific discoveries.

It's never too early to start training the mind, because once puberty stops and the 20s begin, the brain may already begin a long, gradual downward slope toward inefficiency, memory problems and for some people, dementia, Alzheimer's and a host of other problems. It amounts to the old adage - use it or lose it. Additionally, as people age, these issues can quickly turn into social problems, keeping them isolated from the world. With a sharp, keen mind however individuals will be in complete control of themselves, able to live an active lifestyle that supports every facet of their health.

The good news is that even in old age, healthy brain fitness can be improved by playing brain games targeted at stimulating areas in the brain responsible for memory, balance, reaction time, focus and mental clarity. Research shows that seniors can stimulate their brains again through practice to become more youthful in their operation and lead to a better quality of life in the senior years.

As many countries in the world continue to spend their time combating obesity and other ailments through healthy eating and physical exercise, many people are now also keeping their minds healthy with mental brain training. The groundbreaking science of neuro-plasticity is at the forefront of this movement, showing that yes, the brain can grow and form new connections throughout the entirety of life.

With a free line of accessible and powerful brain games from people of all ages will now be able to stay in peak mental condition throughout their entire lives.


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