Create Your Very Own Google Maps Street View Like Tours with Quiksee

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Quiksee is a location based online tour creator that uses Google Maps to show the location of created tours. The site lets photographers and mappers to quickly and easily create stunning visual experiences of real world places. With Quiksee users can click on a location and start walking around that place as if they were there. If they are in fact there, they can film their own Quiksee tour and share it with others.

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Quiksee™ ( ) is a location based online tour technology, that lets people quickly & easily create immersive visual experiences of real world places, allowing online sharing with friends to fully explore where they are in a unique environment that's just like being there. With Quiksee user can click on a location and start walking around that place as if he was there.

This October 16th Quiksee is coming out from a closed Beta to a public Beta - and everybody is invited to join.

Thousands of locations are already online all around the Google Map.

So how does Quiksee compare?
Panoramic shots let users see a single spot in 360 degrees, in high quality.
The quality is usually amazing but one just can't move around… Google's Street View is also based on panoramic technology but lets users jump from one to the other - so the user gets the feeling of moving around, but in several meters jumps. Microsoft's PhotoSynth combines lots of snapshots taken to show more angles and details, but it's still not like moving around the place. Because Quiksee's tours are based on high quality video, it allows the viewer to stroll around as if he was there. Portal
The Quiksee portal is where it all happens. Quiksee tour viewers can look at the Google map and find locations around the world that they find interesting. One click later, they can walk around. The Quiksee portal also lets Quiksee content creators (the trigger happy videographers who shoot Quiksee tours) compare their creations and know each other better.

Quiksee Studio
Studio is Quiksee's authoring platform. After a user shoot some video for his tour, Studio combines the footage, turns it into a navigatable tour and uploads it to It also enhances the images and smoothes and stabilizes the video. The best way to do all of this is with a dedicated video tour editing suite and the good news is that it's totally free.

Quiksee Player
This is Quiksee's Flash player. It's pretty easy to use. The arrows are used to navigate. the user can also navigate thru the tour using the thumbnail view. Autonav is relevant when the viewer is too tired to use the arrows and prefer to sit back and let Quiksee do the navigating for him. Click on the full screen button to fill the screen with the tour, Youtube style. All the tours come with music and multimedia capabilities. Quiksee tours can be easily shared and placed anywhere online.

Thousands of Quiksees around the world are available at .


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