Pearson's K-12 Mathematics Programs for Florida Engage Power of Visual and Interactive Learning

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Aligned to "Next Generation Sunshine State Standards", Innovative Curriculum Builds Rock-Solid Foundation for Higher Level Math

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From the time they are born, children find meaning in the visual images around them. Young children draw and create visual images that communicate information to others. With visual learning, children understand abstract math concepts because they get to 'see' how they work.

The 2010-11 school year may seem a long way off, but when Florida's nearly three million students go back-to-school next August, they will be learning math based on new benchmarks in the "Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Mathematics." In school districts that have selected Pearson' s K-12 math programs, they will be building a firm foundation in mathematics in classrooms where innovative, proven instructional strategies, such as visual learning and interactive problem-solving, are part of every day.

Long before they can read and write, children learn visually. Research demonstrates that visual learning is crucial to developing a foundation in math concepts. The continuum of K-12 math programs that Pearson has developed specifically for Florida are infused with visual and interactive learning strategies, designed for learners at all grade levels and abilities.

Among the cadre of respected experts that have contributed to Pearson's math programs for Florida is visual learning expert Stuart J. Murphy, author of the award-winning children's MathStart book series that presents mathematical concepts in the context of stories.

Murphy said, "From the time they are born, children find meaning in the visual images around them. Young children draw and create visual images that communicate information to others. With visual learning, children understand abstract math concepts because they get to 'see' how they work."

He continued, "Visual learning can make a profound difference in a student's depth of understanding about math. It is a powerful teaching tool for students who are natural visual learners, for students who are English Language Learners, and for students of all learning modalities. In fact, by using visual learning strategies in the teaching of mathematics, we can increase the learning potential of all children. That is what Pearson's math programs for Florida are all about."

For K-5 students, enVisionMATH Florida features a strong, visual learning design including a Visual Learning Bridge in each lesson, with step-by-step visuals that bridge the gap between the interactive learning activity and guided practice.

Dr. Randall Charles, one of the authors of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Curriculum Focal Points for Mathematics Grades PreK-8, on which Florida's Next Generation Sunshine State Standards are based, and the lead author on Pearson's enVisionMATH Florida for grades K-5, as well as Prentice Hall Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 ©2011 for Florida for grades 9-12, said "With the digital Visual Learning Animations in our programs, the concepts come alive for students. For example, bar diagrams help them understand the relationships of numbers in a problem and determine which operation to use to find a solution. They can literally watch mathematics operations in action."

Through its print and digital Visual Learning Bridge, enVisionMATH Florida offers students step-by-step visual instruction that makes learning math accessible to all students, regardless of learning styles or abilities, because it helps them "see" the math. Best of all, because the program is available online, students can access it from home, giving parents a model for helping their children.

Independent research from PRES Associates, an educational research firm, confirms that the enVisionMATH approach to instruction improves student achievement in math.

PRES Associates' President Dr. Mariam Azin, who conducted the efficacy study of enVisionMATH, said "In all of my years conducting educational program efficacy studies, I have never seen consistency in results across all different student populations as I saw with the enVisionMATH curriculum. In our study, we found that the enVisionMATH students significantly outperformed the students who used other math programs on all three national assessments in the three areas of math computation, math problem solving and communication and math vocabulary."

Interactive learning is intrinsic to Pearson's math programs for middle grade students, Florida Mathematics 1, 2, 3 for Grades 6-8. Customized specifically for Florida from Pearson's award-winning, research-based Connected Mathematics (CMP2) program, the Florida Mathematics curriculum for middle school embeds mathematical concepts into engaging, interconnected problems, leading to higher-order thinking, problem-solving skills and a deeper understanding of math. Using a three-step "Launch, Explore, Summarize" approach students collaborate to develop mathematical thinking and reasoning while practicing and maintaining skills.

At the high school level, Pearson's math programs for Florida harness the power of visual learning combined with technology to allow students to tackle the difficult concepts of higher level math. Prentice Hall Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 ©2011 for Florida - for Grades 9-12, developed for Florida and aligned to state standards, is designed to change the way students see and learn math - how they engage in the mathematics, how they understand the concepts and how they can transfer those skills to tests, college and life. Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2, and the Honors Gold Series for Florida, are a blend of print and digital components that create an engaging learning environment that supports all students and teachers at the level of technology where they are comfortable. New tools, new insights and new ways of connecting to the world put more power in the hands of teachers to digitally reach each student at his or her own level.

For more information about Pearson and its support for math education in Florida, visit, an interactive Web site developed to offer teachers activities for teaching to the current math standards and making the transition to the new standards. The site includes videos, visual learning animations, problem-based interactive learning activities, and printables, games and puzzles so that teachers can familiarize themselves with what to expect in the future without sacrificing content they need for their students today.

About Pearson and Florida
Pearson (NYSE:PSO) has been providing learning materials to Florida schools for more than 100 years. As the world's leading education and technology company, you may know us individually as Scott Foresman, Prentice Hall, Longman, SuccessMaker, NovaNet, PowerSchool, , SuccessNet, and so many more - names in the world of education that are recognized and respected across the state and the globe. We provide education and testing materials from birth through professional learning as well as the complex management systems that maintain student information data for thousands of schools. Our Pearson people are living and working in every school district across the state, and visiting teachers, principals and curriculum directors every single day. In fact, most teachers in Florida have learned their profession by studying with Pearson's Merrill or Allyn & Bacon textbooks, and many have benefited from our professional development programs.

We are your education partners today, tomorrow and for the future and will continue to invest in the very best instructional materials, teacher education, technology advancements, and services to help you and your students achieve success for generations to come. Like Florida's educators, we are stable, resilient and unwavering in our commitment to our children. The challenges of today's economy will not deter us from our mission to create innovative educational solutions customized to align with Florida's standards for 21st century learning. For more information, visit or


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