How to check out an acting school and licensing info, as Assembly Bill 48 was signed by Governor Schwarzenegger, by DorisEsqMom

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The following is an essay allowing the reader to take a close look at the acting and modeling industry and the laws protecting actors, models, performers in the State of California. DorisEsqMom as she is referred to when she comes in with her daughter Michele to the IC Talent licensed Institution, has been advising the IC Talent school while the Institution is expanding and opening more training facilities (satellite offices). Doris is advising parents on the proper way to shop for acting training for their chidren as well as talent representation (agents) .

One can be wondering why unlicensed schools are still in exercise in the State of California, operating without a license. The fact is that operating within the State of California without a license with the Bureau for Post Secondary Institutions has been against the Law for a few years now. Recently, on October 11, 2009, Governor Schwarzenegger signed Assembly Bill 48.

This news release will serve two purposes as it gladly announces here, a 3rd commercial booked by my daughter Michele, a national one as such and the intent here is to give some valuable tips to parents and talent expressing interest in acting. Looking at the whole picture form a legal point of view, is the right approach, (licensing), as well as an "in person" type of enqriry will give parents/talent a sense of what the Institution is about and the educational value presented to such families.

IC Talent is the only licensed acting Institution in Orange County and San Diego. The Institution will open up a new facility (satellite office) in Beverly Hills in about 6 to 8 months. IC Talent kids and talent have worked on numerous film,TV, commercials and print work.

If one's child goes to a licensed entity such as IC Talent, the licensed environment and the Institution's track record towards employment obviously provides the applicant with a sense of safety and warrant towards opportunities.

It is of crucial interest to the public to understand why the Law requires the licensing.
Here are steps to finding the right school for your child:

What to do:
A) Visiting the school. Are there parents, present with their children or talent who are willing to share their experience?
B) Are you actually shown DVDs of the graduate children working in film and on televison and commercials?
C) Does the school hold a license such as The IC Talent/ICA institution does?
D) A licensed school has a successful placement program. Does the institution have agents visit from Hollywood agencies so such industry entities can sign up your child or yourself?
E) If you are there on the day the school claims agents come in, is there at least one agent present that day that you can actually ask questions to or get some feedback from?
F) What talent agency is there? Is it a top 5 to top twenty SAG and AFTRA franchised agency?

Forging an opinion without following the steps above may prove to be unfeasible . Additionally, Here are some tips as per what not to trust when making a decision. It is important that parents would understand that obtaining employment for their children without a Hollywood agent offering a contract is impossible. Agents work on percentage basis and will only sign up children who had proper training from a licensed acting school which the agents trust.

What not to do:
A) Do not get "information" from "forums" type of postings. "Forum" types of sites allow and encourage anonymous "postings" which source is not verified by the site and in many cases written by a business's competition and as per acting schools, unlicensed competition. Parents/talent could be looking at ten "postings" or more all written by the same person under different aliases. Beware of sites which you cannot reach for comments about the source of the information. Such Internet sites have no phone number and most likely, nobody will respond to ones' "clients' care" comments or emails. Chances are that by believing possible defamation, parents and/or talent may pass on a good place.
B) Learn how to research those sites, if you wish to give them a second thought. Legitimate forum type of sites will respond if an email or an enquiry to verify the veracity of the postings is sent to them by the business which find itself "complained" about.
For example:
When you go to the above address, the whole thread disppeared. The company, a very legitimate site for actors, was contacted by IC Talent when defaming "postings" popped up under the question "Has anyone heard about IC Talent?". This legitimate site identified that the "postings" all came from the same IP address, while written under different first names and they immediately removed the thread. News worthy sites such as the Topix Group also should be of great interest as they won't allow defaming comments and take the trouble to identify those. as another example, is also a legitimate company, so when the same question popped up on their site and 10 "answers", written in the same defaming way were posted, the site was contacted as well. Mamapedia eventually removed the defamation as they were able to figure out what it was as well.

One can imagine how one entity can go on a rampage about their business competition and write on two or three "forum" types of sites under the false pretense to inform the public about a scam or a bad business. The goal in such case is actually self serving and the motivation can be for such "blogger" to remove or mitigate the competition.

Why do Internet sites not care about publishing accurate information?
The Federal Communications Decency Act (CDA) creates an absolute legal "safe harbor" for websites and blogs where the content is posted by others, (See CDA, Section 230 at 47 USC § 230.), the publishing of anonymous slandering material can be placed without any legal harm unless the site uses editorial control.

Go to: to find out more about IC Talent Inc.

In conclusion, any mother would urge consumers interested in having their child act and model to exercise caution in the choice of an acting school and talent representation. A concern does remain if a school does not have a license. The IC Talent Institution/ICA by the way does hold a license in the State of California. Other schools also hold proper licensing and they are located in Los Angeles.

Parents/talent should also only consider SAG and AFTRA franchised agents for representation. Be aware that it is the law within the State of California to hold a license. SAG and AFTRA agents hold an employment license while Schools, which when licensed are referred to as "Institutions"; hold a license with the Bureau for Post Secondary Institutions. An acting school or modeling school AKA (finishing) school which does not hold a license is violating the "Advance Fee Talent Law".

It is every parent's choice to decide whether a child should get acting training. Most parents want the best education for their children and an environment where they can develop assertiveness and confidence.

Talent agents hardly approach families whose children have not received proper training. Talent who are serious about their career are often seen in acting classes or acting workshops. SAG and AFTRA franchised agents visit licensed acting Institutions such as IC Talent and audition talent there instead of considering untrained talent.

Dorisesqmom has a parent/school relationship with the IC Talent institution. Dorisesqmom is not compensated for writing this article.


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