ProCreatePlus™ Proprietary Formula Shown to Increase Sperm Count

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ProCreatePlus™ offers new hope to couples trying to conceive. A fertility supplement designed to help men increase sperm count and sperm motility for conception.

According to national statistics, infertility affects some 6.1 million people in the United States

Could getting pregnant depend in part on nutrition? ProCreatePlus™ is a new nutritional supplement designed to bring hope to couples who are having difficulty conceiving due to a low sperm count in men to attain pregnancy.

"According to national statistics, infertility affects some 6.1 million people in the United States," said Andrew Eisenberg, creator of ProCreatePlus ,"That's about ten percent of the population of reproductive age." Some people automatically assume that it is the woman who needs help with conception. However, infertility affects about a third of the men [ male infertility ] and a third of the women who are trying to conceive. For the remaining one-third, conception problems are attributed to both partners, or unexplained.

Eisenberg explains further: "When we first began researching nutrition's effect on fertility, we weren't sure we would find a correlation, when we did, we realized that so many peoples lives can be affected in such a positive way. We specifically designed ProCreatePlus with a blend of nutrients all shown to positively affect and increase male sperm count, sperm motility, sperm mobility, and overall sperm health. The formula works like magic."

"Pro Create Plus will not solve every male infertility problem, but if the problem is nutritional in nature, ProCreate Plus is a very inexpensive option to try, and we've had great results so far."

Nutritional deficiencies are not always easy to identify and a person could easily think that they were getting sufficient amounts of a nutrient in their diet, but fail to take into consideration that other things they eat and drink as well as other factors can deplete those nutrients.

For instance, it's been common knowledge for some time that alcohol consumption depletes folic acid, which has been linked to birth defects, but coffee can also deplete folic acid. Although women are cautioned to cut down on caffeine once they are pregnant, how many men have ever thought that their coffee consumption and an inability to conceive would have anything in common?

About ProCreatePlus™
ProCreatePlus is a fertility supplement available from ProCreateDirect LLC. The price for a 30 day supply is $49.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling. ProCreatePlus™ can be ordered online by visiting


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