AvePoint Revolutionizes SharePoint Storage Optimization

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DocAve's new suite of storage optimization modules lets organizations unleash SharePoint performance potential though efficient storage management, intelligent archiving, and migration-free attachment of file share content.

The DocAve Storage Optimization Suite introduces pioneering functionality that lets companies ensure SQL resources are utilized with the utmost efficiency. It's truly a comprehensive solution, and we're really excited about how these new tools can help organizations accelerate their transition to SharePoint in a cost-effective and holistic manner.

From the Exposition Hall of the 2009 SharePoint Conference, AvePoint, a leading provider of infrastructure management software solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, today announced the beta-release of the DocAve Storage Optimization Suite, a first-of-its-kind toolset that empowers organizations to efficiently manage SQL storage space via intelligent archiving, instant BLOB content offloading, and migration-free presentation of network and cloud file share content thru SharePoint.

"As organizations increasingly leverage SharePoint as their unified information management platform, the elevated levels of content residing in the SQL database can both hinder performance and prove to be quite costly", said Dr. Tianyi (TJ) Jiang, AvePoint's COO. "The DocAve Storage Optimization Suite introduces pioneering functionality that lets companies ensure SQL resources are utilized with the utmost efficiency. It's truly a comprehensive solution, and we're really excited about how these new tools can help organizations accelerate their transition to SharePoint in a cost-effective and holistic manner."

Pioneering Tools to Optimize SharePoint Storage

The DocAve Storage Optimization Suite is comprised of three independently-deployable, yet complimentary modules: DocAve Archiver, Docave Connector, and DocAve Extender. Combined, they deliver the industry's only comprehensive SharePoint SQL storage management toolset.

DocAve Archiver - A popular module within the DocAve lineup for years, Archiver enables intelligent, business-rule aware offloading of SharePoint content from the SQL database. Archived content is automatically transitioned to tiered storage according to fully customizable business rules or via an end-user accessible web part, while end-user access to archived content remains transparent via the SharePoint interface. Leveraging Microsoft's BLOB Storage APIs, DocAve Archiver is the industry's most robust and full-featured SharePoint archiving solution.

DocAve Connector - The ideal solution for organizations desiring to keep their digital assets on network or cloud file shares, but take advantage of SharePoint's singular management and collaboration capabilities. With DocAve Connector, SharePoint users will access content residing in file shares through two new Library-types: The DocAve Content Library and the DocAve Media Library. The DocAve Content Library presents all of the files residing in an attached file share. DocAve Connector ensures that users can interact with this data as seamlessly as if it were residing in SharePoint's Content Database, delivering:

  • Full support of SharePoint's native full text search and other search providers that leverage the standard SharePoint APIs
  • Full SharePoint permissions support, including unique and inherited permissions
  • Full metadata and content type support, including custom metadata and column types
  • Full support for alerts and workflows, including those created by third party providers
  • Full support for interacting with SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 content directly through Office clients
  • Full synchronization of source and presentation layers, ensuring changes made in either location are always presented as the latest
  • Minimal impact on SQL, and improved performance of SharePoint products and technologies
  • The ability to download content from SharePoint products directly from the file-system source without burdening SharePoint's front-end servers

The DocAve Media Library enables the streaming of audio and video media directly to SharePoint from networked and cloud file shares. This Silverlight-enhanced SharePoint Library provides users with direct access to wmv, wma, mp3, flv, aac, vp6, mp4, mpeg, mpg, avi, and wav files residing in files shares or streaming media servers, without the need for import. These capabilities relieve a long-suffered painpoint for organizations that use SharePoint and would like to utilize or collaborate upon video and audio content.

Docave Extender - Allows for the efficient management of all BLOB (Binary Large Object) content. Leveraging Microsoft's BLOB storage APIs, DocAve Extender instantly routes all BLOB objects to disk-based storage the moment end-users upload it through the SharePoint interface. With customizable triggers based upon file-size, administrators have precision control over what BLOB content resides on the SQL database and what is delivered directly to disk-based storage. Like DocAve Archiver, DocAve Extender provides seamless access to content. Though offloaded content never resides within SQL, it is fully accessible and manageable via SharePoint, where end-users can search for, access, and collaborate upon it just as if it was residing in SharePoint's SQL content database.

Participation in the DocAve Software Platform v5.3 Beta-Release

The beta-release of DocAve v5.3, which introduces the DocAve Storage Optimization Suite and several other new tools and enhancements, is being made available to organizations across all verticals and geographic regions, and will be followed by a GA release in November 2009. The DocAve Storage Optimization for SharePoint 2010 will be available as part of the DocAve Software Platform v6, scheduled to release on the same day as SharePoint 2010.    To request a fully-enabled, 30-day trial of the DocAve Software Platform, including the beta-release of DocAve Connector, please visit http://www.avepoint.com/resources/free-trial-downloads/

To learn more about the DocAve Storage Optimization Suite, or the entire DocAve software Platform v5.3, please visit the AvePoint website at http://www.avepoint.com.

About AvePoint

AvePoint is proud to be a U.S. based technology company and software innovator. Since 2001, AvePoint has been a global leader in enterprise-strength infrastructure management solutions for all Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies. Propelled by one of the world's largest SharePoint-exclusive development teams outside of Microsoft, AvePoint's award-winning DocAve Software Platform delivers comprehensive and flexible infrastructure support for backup and recovery, replication, migration, administration, archiving, deployment management, and compliance.

AvePoint's pioneering technology pilots the products of OEM partners such as NetApp and IBM. With headquarters, research facilities, and engineering centers in Jersey City, NJ, and wholly owned engineering centers and sales offices in San Jose, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Houston, USA; London, UK; Melbourne, Australia; Tokyo, Japan; Singapore; and Changchun, Dalian, China, AvePoint serves over 5000 enterprise customers, including many Fortune-500 companies. Winner of the Best of Tech Ed award for "Best SharePoint Product" in 2008, AvePoint is a Depth Managed Gold Certified Microsoft Partner and GSA Certified Provider.


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