A New Teaching of Jesus Christ is Discovered, Steven S. Sadleir Explains How Christ "Enlightened" His Disciples in a Free Teleconference

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50 years of archeological research has revealed that Jesus Christ taught his disciples the path to enlightenment.

If you have not studies these writings you don't know Christianity

In a new teleseminar series entitled The Lost Teachings of Jesus, Self Awareness Institute director and best-selling author Steven S. Sadleir shares the revelation of 11 Christian gospels from the first century, such as Thomas, that are not in the New Testament, that clearly show that Christ's earliest disciples were seeking to find the Kingdom of Heaven within themselves, and in these Lost Gospels Jesus shows us how. A whole new Christian paradigm is coming to light as history reveals it's secrets about the Jewish and Aramaic speaking Christians of Israel, Syria, Mesopotamia and India in the first century.

"This is the greatest story never told, within the greatest story ever told," says Steven S. Sadleir, whose years of research on world religions has pieced together a whole new Christian paradigm. Sadleir claims, and supports in his Lost Teachings of Jesus Course and upcoming book, that those Jewish Christians who actually walked with Jesus were practicing the path to God Realization through self awareness; a practice which they called The Way. These early Christians were lead to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth by being enlightened through Christ or "Christ Enlightened."

Sadleir, who spent over 20 years researching virtually every major spiritual group in existence (over 250) in his Amazon best-seller Looking for God, A Seeker's Guide to Religious and Spiritual Groups of the World, states that "Recent archeological finds reveal that a whole new teaching of Jesus Christ that has been buried for over 2000 years is now coming to light; it's arrival is a 'second coming' of Christ's Word." Sadleir draws from the work of the world's leading scholars from the best universities, many of whom have best-selling books and are pioneers of this "second reformation" of Christianity.

The Lost Teachings of Jesus eight week telecourse begins by delving to the earliest records of history to see who invented God, and follows the evolution of God to our present day Biblical understanding. Steven begins with an overview of the fulfillment of Prophecy from each of the world's great spiritual traditions and explains the dawning of the Age of Aquarius from a scientific perspective. The course provides an overview of first century Jewish mysticism, and explains who the Essene's are and what's in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha. Sadleir explains what the Merkabah and Kabbalah are, and provides an in depth overview of first century Jewish Christianity in Israel, drawing upon the Nag Hammadi Library, the "Aramaic Bible" or Peshitta, and other codex' as references.

The Lost Teachings course focuses on 11 Christian scriptures that date to the first and second centuries that were not included in the Greek New Testament and include: The Gospels of Thomas, James, Philip and Mary, as well as those of the Nazareans, Hebrews, Egyptians and Ebionites.

This live lecture series concludes with an overview of Saint Paul's work within the Greco-Roman culture and the development of Christianity through the first four centuries. "If you have not studies these writings you don't know Christianity," claims James T. Smith, President of the Self Awareness Institute. The Introductory course is free, the 8 week course that follows is $195.00 The Lost Teaching of Jesus provides the historical telling of the Bible and explains Christ's way to enlightenment.

The Lost Teachings of Jesus, live free introductory teleseminar, Tuesday evening, November 10th, 6-7 pm PST. Phone: 1-201-793-9022, 751-7450# pin 6749#.

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