Life Link International Debuts the Perfect Holiday Gift for PC Users

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This year's must-have gift is the size of a thumb, lasts for years and is able to reduce stress in your life.

Life Link International's "The SAFE" proves to be this season's must-have gift. In today's hard economic times, consumers look to buy things that will be useful, provide a service or give protection. "The SAFE "is that gift.

Weighing less than an ounce, The SAFE is a locked file cabinet that can be carried on a keychain, fastened on clothing or stored in a protected place. Sturdy, stylish and very secure, The SAFE is a 2.0 USB flash drive unlike any other drive on the market today. Incomparable in design and safety, this USB pocket safe includes a proprietary software program designed to help users easily organize and store all personal information, irreplaceable photographs and vital documents into one safe place. The SAFE is a virtual personal assistant, available 24/7 and always within reach at a moments notice.

But what really separates The SAFE from all other USB drives begins with the 40+ pre-loaded formatted forms with easy to type-in fields. Each page is designed to help the user decide what to save and where to save it. All pages can be quickly accessed through indexed sections that directly link the user to specific areas of interest: Personal/ Family Information, Emergency Personal/ Medical Information, Financial Information, Photographs, Personal Papers and Miscellaneous Information. Every form can be easily modified, deleted or updated; lists, and photographs are automatically alphabetized or placed in numeric order; plus designated space is provided for uploading/ downloading photographs, hundreds of important documents and papers requiring safekeeping. It's just that simple.

Consumers will find this portable, digital file cabinet extremely handy day-to-day or in times of crises. Whether its caused by a natural disaster, urgent medical need or some other emergency there are certain documents that must be instantly at hand. Users will find the speed and simplicity an easy process when gathering, saving and retrieving life's vital information in an instant and when most needed.

But even more, people will be astounded with the extensive multiple functions found within The SAFE- and it's so easy to use! The SAFE requires no battery power or external power source plus there are no moving parts that wear out! This system is accessed through any PC port that runs Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista or Microsoft 7. If a computer memory fails or crashes, all the information stored on The SAFE is still accessible on most PCs with a USB port. And since the data cannot be saved to any hard drive, all information remains private.

This extraordinary gift also gives the peace-of-mind and security all users need. The SAFE includes anti-intrusion safeguards, is encrypted and will shut down after three failed attempts to break the 12- character password created by the user, giving sensitive data added protection. If the device is lost or falls into the wrong hands, data remains inaccessible and safe. Life Link International does not keep records of passwords nor is able to retrieve any information stored on The SAFE. The owner and only the owner will have access to this information.

Best of all, there are no annual fees or special software required, nor memberships to join and most importantly your private information cannot be accessed through the internet. There are services that store personal data on servers along with hundreds or even thousands of other users making personal information vulnerable to hackers and thieves. With The SAFE the user is in complete control.

Finally, The SAFE is the gift anyone would want but especially those who seem to have everything. As one user said, "Knowing that all your important information and photographs are organized, in one place, and always at your fingertips is the greatest gift of all."

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