Good News for Menopause: Sail Through Menopause in 6 Months

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Menopause BalanZ helps you sail through the whole menopause transition in 6 months, while all hormone treatments take several years. Because cool herbs are for problems; hormones are for symptoms.

How long does menopause last? In a natural transition, menopause symptoms last about 5 - 10 years. Not surprisingly, you need several years on synthetic or bio-identical hormones to control your menopause symptoms.

Finally, here comes good menopause news! Balance Herbs, LLC ( introduces Menopause BalanZ, which can help you sail through the whole menopause transition in about 6 months. Safe and effective, this herbal formula has been used for over 28 years by Chinese menopause women and is even listed in the Chinese Pharmacopeia.

Ms. Libo Li, the founder of Balance Herbs, LLC, noticed her loyal customers stop ordering products after about 6 months. In fact, a clinical trial in 2004, including 268 menopause women and men at a Beijing hospital in China, observed that: 72% of patients had cured menopause symptoms in 2 months, 13% in 6 months, 9.7% in 12 months and 4.8% in 3 years.

Everybody's menopause is different due to different genetics and lifestyles. Ms. Li found that the majority of Chinese women only need about 3 months, but the majority of Western women would need about 6 months of Menopause BalanZ treatment to cure menopause symptoms. This is because Chinese women normally eat more vegetables than Western women. For example, Mary from Michigan had hot flashes about ten times a day for a year before she took Menopause BalanZ. After taking Menopause BalanZ for 6 months, her hot flashes were gone.

1. How can Menopause BalanZ help you sail through menopause in 6 months, while all hormone treatments take several years?

Obviously, the best solution for a problem is to solve its cause. Menopause is caused by fluctuating hormones. A woman has two fluctuating hormone transitions: puberty - the beginning of menstruation, and menopause - the end of menstruation. Just like a car starting and stopping, it can be a little rough.

Temporarily, all hormone treatments for menopause mask daily symptoms without addressing the underlying cause - your fluctuating hormones. No wonder that you have to take hormones for many years. Eventually, the body will manage to reach its new peaceful hormone levels in 5 - 10 years, even if you don't take any hormones. Therefore, either synthetic or bio-identical hormones improve your quality of life by masking your daily menopause symptoms during the long menopause journey. However, you have to take high risks: cancers.

Uniquely, Menopause BalanZ addresses the underlying cause by balancing your fluctuating hormones, so it can float you through the whole menopause transition in about 6 months. Menopause BalanZ helps your body to pacify the ebbs and flows of hormones, so your body can reach the peaceful hormone balance sooner.

2. How can herbs possibly provide a balancing effect on your hormonal fluctuations?

Studies have shown that many herbs have a balancing or buffering effect on the body. Herbs can maintain your hormones in a health range: If your estrogen levels are low, the herbs will promote estrogen production. However, if your estrogen levels are too high, they will block its production. Herbs regulate hormone productions by feedback loops.

In fact, vegetables have the balancing effect too. Since cancers are caused by over-stimulated body systems, this is why eating more vegetables can reduce cancer risks and all other health problems. Remember that every mom says: "eat your vegetables!"?

In short, hormones are for symptoms; cool herbs are for problems.

Best of all, Menopause BalanZ works fast and safely. It reduces hot flashes in 1 month without even a breast swelling side effect - feeling is believing. Breast swelling is the first side effect from all hormone treatments, simply because there are many hormone receptors in breast tissues.

Menopause BalanZ is based on a simple principle: cool herbs for hot flashes and is enhanced from a classic herbal formula.

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