A Poet and Physicist: Poetry Book-Signing to a New Universal Theory of Matter

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From writing poetry to performing Basic research on the nature of the Elementary Particles (the basic building blocks of matter) and their Interactions (Fields) shaping the Universe, Ashok Sinha enjoys making novel contributions in many fields of human endeavor. He is as comfortable presenting scientic papers in American Physical Society (APS) and Mathematical Association of America (MAA) national and international conferences as reading his poems in book-signing events in a local Barnes and Noble book-store.

Ashok Sinha will be among the authors and poets attending the book-signing event planned by Barnes & Noble bookstore at Washtenaw Avenue in Ann Arbor, MI, on November 1, 2009. He is attending the event to sign his book, "DROPS OF DEW", a collection of poems written during the decade of 1965-1977.

The poems of 'Drops of Dew' range in themes from the tacit hint of the devastations of the (Vietnam) War to a call for World-citizenship, from the joy of Love to the pain of Separation, from the irony of environmental pollution to the exploits of commerce, from the March of Time to the Divine design of the Universe by God's hidden hand. Universal and timeless in appeal, these poems are as much joy to read as sorrowful and satirical revelation of human frailty.

With a pervading spirit of triumph of human endeavor as well as sprinkling of fine humor, the poems display a unique style and lyrical structure not commonly seen in modern American poetic creation. The book is featured in amazon.com (search for Drops of Dew by Ashok Sinha) and the book-signing by its author at B&N on November 1 afternoon is a good occasion to purchase it for less than half the list-price. It promises to be a gem for poetry-lovers of all ages and backgrounds.

Ashok Sinha is a versatile author and also a physicist with many accomplishments. He has written 15 books in English and Hindi (his native tongue in India) of poetry, plays, short stories and fiction. He also volunteers as the Editor-in-Chief of a couple of periodicals on India and Hinduism, with many articles of general interest in universal spirituality and scriptural wisdom, problems of politicization and proselytization of religion including Jihad and Islamic terrorism, and so on.

His books include English and Hindi verse-translations of a few renowned Sanskrit and Persian classics. Examples include the Bhagvad Gita to Omar Khayyam's Rubaya'ts, first translated in English by Sir Edwin Arnold and Scott Fitzgerald, respectively. His English verse-translation of the Hindi classic, "Kurukshetra (the Battlefield of the Great Mahabharata War of India)", dwelling on the nature of war and ways to prevent one, a universal and timeless theme in the human history, is to be published by the end of this year.

In physics and technology, Dr. Sinha has made a number of significant contributions. Recently, he has written papers explaining the mystery of the so-called elementary particles, the basic building blocks of matter in the universe, and their interactions shaping the birth and evolution of the universe itself. The 'Unified Theory of Elementary Particles and Interactions (UTOEPI)', as he calls it, is based on an extension of Einstein's theory of relativity. This 'Extended Relativity Theory (ERT)' proposes a model (UTOEPI) featuring a six-dimensional space-time continuum, in contrast to the familiar four-dimensional space-time continuum of the Special Relativity Theory (SRT)' of Einstein.

This theory (ERT) explains in a most simple and natural manner why we have just the elementary particles (quarks and leptons including the electron and the neutrino) we do, and why they behave the way they do. Many mysteries of cosmology including, for example, the dark matter, the dark energy, the so-called Anthropic Principle, evolution of matter and life, the missing anti-matter, etc., can also be simply explained, at least qualitatively, in the general framework of the UTOEPI. Brief presentations of this model at APS and MAA conferences has recently been made, with one expected at the National meeting of the APS in Washington, DC, in February 2010.

Earlier, Dr. Sinha contributed in the development of the mathematical and computer models of the upper atmospheric and ionospheric phenomena, and of the Earth's geomagnetic field, for NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey, respectively.

Working at the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (INTELSAT), a cooperative consortium of over 200 countries, Headquartered in Washington, DC, and subsequently with a consulting firm, he helped develop satellite telecommunications systems and services for many special applications, including an economic implementation for developing countries. He developed the technical specifications with performance optimization for the transmission systems of the first satellite (ECHOSTAR) for digital television (DTV) broadcast directly into homes, providing DTV services in the U. S. (under the trade-name of 'Dish- Network'). He is now contemplating how the DTV service could be made even more reliable (free from rain-induced degradation, for instance) to compete with the (optical) cable TV.

Dr. Sinha holds patent for an Ultra-low bit-rate speech communication system, called 'MUSICS', for economy of the limited resource of the electromagnetic spectrum in the age of rapidly expanding satellite and mobile (cellular) telecommunications throughout the world. He is currently engaged in developing systems for prevention and control of forest fires, a menace to our natural resources and ecology; a more efficient antenna system for wireless transmission optimally; and systems for energy generation from solar and ionic sources, possibly using lasers.

A poet and physicist and technocrat, Ashok Sinha enjoys his days of retirement in creative activities in literature, science, technical consulting, and many philanthropic programs. He has recently founded a technical consulting firm called 'Multi-Consulting Services (MCS)' and also a non-profit organization called 'General Education, Economics and Technology Associates, International Corporation (GEETA, InC)' and has been recognized by the Cambridge Who's Who as a LifeTime Member. His website (http://www.GeetaSinhaPhysicsEtAl.org) carries as varied materials as the interests he relishes to pursue.

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