Retired US Navy Veteran Finds Sustainable Business Formula for Steady Growth

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US Navy Veteran John B. discovers ACFN, the ATM franchise that launched him into the ranks of successful US Military small business owners.

…for a reasonably safe investment, it went much better that I ever expected.

US Navy Veteran John B. discovers ACFN, an ATM franchise that launched him into the ranks of successful US Military small business owners.

In a time when one of our country's primary objectives is ending our occupation of Iraq, it is easy to overlook the fact that nearly 200,000 people complete their military service every year. Veterans are returning to the civilian world plagued with a very pressing question: 'What do I do next?' With unemployment at an all time high, there are fewer answers to this question, and opportunities are harder to find.

John B., a retired US Navy officer originally from Jacksonville, FL, was one of the thousands asking that very question five years ago. After trying his hand at starting an original business without much success, John hoped that purchasing a franchise would be his key to profitable business ownership. With his goal in mind, John took to the internet and discovered the American Consumer Financial Network (ACFN), an innovative Silicon Valley based ATM franchise.

John was attracted to the ATM franchise business because of its low start up cost, low risk and large potential for success. Starting with just one working ATM, John has progressively expanded his business over the last 5 years. He now owns 21 different units in various nightclubs and hotels in the greater Boston area. John stated, "…for a reasonably safe investment, it went much better that I ever expected."

John B. isn't the only veteran operating a flourishing ACFN franchise, 10% of all ACFN franchisees are US veterans. Jeff Kerr, President of ACFN comments "We are proud to report that a recent survey confirmed 10% of our franchisees are veterans. We have found veterans to be an excellent fit with our business and are investing in veteran specific advertising in conjunction with special discounts to attract more veterans to our franchise."

"ACFN's ATM franchise allows veterans to skip the start up process, equipping them with the tools and the know how to manage their business". Avi Blankroth, Excecutive Vice President of ACFN says. "The process begins with each franchisee purchasing one ATM, while ACFN provides corporate training and locates and contracts a lucrative placement location". John mentions that the franchise is "not difficult, [and I have] plans to expand, with no long term plans to sell."

About American Consumer Financial Network ("ACFN")

ACFN is North America's only ATM franchise focused on providing ATM services to hotels and other travel and entertainment based businesses.

ACFN the ATM franchise business is the right investment opportunity for individuals interested in developing a business with a recurring revenue stream within the financial services sector. With over a decade of experience in ATM services and more than 140 Franchises and 1,200 locations in North America. ACFN is a leader in the ATM industry with a proven track record and an impressive client list.

American Consumer Financial Network (ACFN)
96 N. Third Street Suite 600
San Jose, CA 95112


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