Oladapo E. Adejumo Writes The Foundation of Christianity Made Visible

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Nigerian Christian Oladapo E.Adejumo writes The Foundation of Christianity Made Visible

Holy Fire Publishing (http://www.christianpublish.com) releases The Foundation of Christianity Made Visible (Paperback. U.S. $15.00, ISBN# 978-1-60383-229-8) Oladapo E. Adejumo simplifies the Scriptures so that more can understand and serve Christ.

Oladapo E. Adejumo spent five years in the Arab world among many who "are ignorant about Christ." He wanted to find a simple way to educate his friends about Jesus, resulting in this book, The Foundation of Christianity Made Visible. Using Scripture, Adejumo presents Jesus Christ, the foundation of Christianity; the creation; man's sin; and the curse placed on man. He also describes the division in Abraham's house that birthed the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths. He explains that although both of Abraham's children were blessed, only through the promised child-- Isaac's-- lineage, a savior would come.

Adejumo accepted Christ when he realized he need God's help and turned to the Bible. He also watched gospel presentations via God TV and Daystar TV. His faith grew stronger during his stay in Dubai, where he was detained in prison for not having proper documentation. He discovered the Out Jail, a section in the Dubai prison system, located in Awel. Out Jail houses people with sentences of six months or less. His first experience to minister, he began to teach Jesus Christ daily in the midst of Hindus, Muslims, and other none believers in the Arabian prison. The messages taught at Out Jail are the basis of this book, Adejumo's tool for spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His goal is to "simplify the Scriptures so that more can understand and serve Christ, and to reach people of other religions to [gain] understanding of our faith." Currently, he is writing his next book, Common Sense Approach to World Religion.

"We can't talk about Christianity without talking about Jesus Christ, the Son of God. We can't talk about Jesus without talking about the reason why He had to come to earth as a man. We can't talk about the reason Jesus had to come without talking about the fall of man; and we can't talk about the fall of man without talking about the relationship between man and God, which leads us back to the creation of heaven and earth. So, this book explains Christianity from the beginning to the end. My teaching ministry's goal is to simplify Christianity so that non-Christians can reason with the scriptures and ask questions, and to help people to believe that God is the God of love and mercy. I believe when people know God, the source of life, they will know how to relate with Him." --Oladapo E. Adejumo

"Jesus is a descendant of the promised seed [who came] to deliver the world from the bondage of sin. . . Satan used the will of the flesh to bring confusion, hoping to prevent the Savior from coming to liberate the world. Please join me to tell the world that Jesus is the only way to God Almighty, and He is calling on whosoever (non-believers, Muslims, Hindus, Shinto, Buddhists, Jews, etc.) wants to have everlasting life to come to Him. God loved the world and sent His Son to bring us back to Him. Jesus is the Son of God, and He is the Truth, the Door, and the only Way to the Father in heaven." --Oladapo E. Adejumo

Oladapo Ebunoluwa Adejumo, 28, lives in Ilorin Kwara State, Nigeria. He holds a degree in banking and finance, and is a volunteer Bible teacher. Website: http://www.oladapoeadejumo.ning.com

Holy Fire Publishing (http://www.christianpublish.com ), publisher of hundreds of Christian books, helps Christian authors reach the world through the printed word.


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