Emergency Preparation Advocate Captivates Public with New Interactive Blog

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Founder of EmergencySuppliesAndInformation.com, Charles Renz, created an online business to promote and distribute a variety of emergency survival tools and resources to a global market. A rural dweller himself, Renz has experience responding to unexpected snow-ins or power outages; he knows firsthand what supplies become essential. Read detailed product information on his new blog.

Charles Renz's natural instinct and preparation for survival in response to an emergency has served him well throughout his life. As a resident of the rural town of Boulder, Wyoming, Renz has become well adjusted to the annual snow-ins that inhibits his town every winter. Living 10 miles from an oil road, he can expect at least 8 miles of that stretch to be snowed in for about three months out of each year.

To prepare for his anticipated isolation and immobility, Renz must stock up on the essential supplies necessary for basic human survival. After many years of successfully and comfortably enduring such snow-ins, he decided to extend his knowledgebase of personal experience and quality resources to a global audience. In an effort to promote his expertise he launched http://www.EmergencySuppliesAndInformation.com in July of 2009.

Here customers can browse through an assortment of survival tools and resources at affordable prices. One of the site's most popular and essential tools for emergency response is the survival kit. Available in several varieties, these all-in-one packages include essential supplies such as food, water, emergency blankets, a first-aid kit, waterproof matches, an AM/FM radio with rechargeable batteries, a squeeze flashlight and compass. By keeping one at home and one in the car, everyone can properly prepare themselves for the unexpected.

Other essential emergency supplies offered on Renz's Web site include an LED lamp, a Sabercut saw, a six-function whistle, an emergency water filter, and much more. He also plans to add an entire section of nonperishable food items. Shoppers can read detailed information about current and soon-to-be-added products on the Web site's newly implemented blog, http://www.EmergencySuppliesAndInformationBlog.com. Here customers can also learn about the proper use and essential functionality of jumper cables and the necessity for a fully stocked tool kit in emergency situations.

EmergencySuppliesAndInformation.com is an excellent resource for the essential supplies and tools to survive any emergency situation or natural disaster. They're dedicated to providing quality products and professional service.

About the Company:
EmergencySuppliesAndInformation.com is owned and operated by emergency preparation advocate Charles Renz.

Charles Renz
(307) 537-5816

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