Robust Internet Security Suite Released, Customizes Protection for Each User

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Tizer Secure's™ comprehensive set of tools provide personalized protection from new, emerging threats

After years of research and development, product testing and improvements, Tizer Secure™, the all-in-one computer security solution for Windows PCs, is finally launched for sale on the consumer market.

"With two patent applications filed, an affiliate program ( launched, and a Certified for Windows Vista designation under our belts, Tizer Secure's™ mass customization process is set to revolutionize the computer security industry," says Joy Valentine, Vice President of X-Wire Technology, the Microsoft Certified Partner and Better Business Bureau Accredited company behind Tizer Secure™.

Each user downloads and installs the same version of Tizer Secure™, but as these individuals use the application and report their findings through Tizer Secure's™ inbuilt reporting system, the application gradually learns more about each user's unique threat environment and specific needs. Tizer Secure™ then personalizes its protection and behavior to suit these needs through an exclusive, patent-pending mass customization process.

Unlike other security applications that provide the same software and standard database with the same periodic updates for all user, we provide personalized security services through a unique combination of proprietary tools and techniques. The personalized updates and instructions that one application receives on one computer may be quite different from those that it receives on another computer.

"That means no two Tizer Secure™ applications being used are exactly the same, but each customized application always provides unparalleled protection to the user," says Mr. Valentine. "One size shoe doesn't fit all, so why should your internet security tools be any different?"

Because everyone uses their computer differently, threats on one user's machine may be quite different from the threats on another user's machine. Personalized protection from a dedicated IT team is expensive, but Tizer Secure™ offers the benefits of personalized protection services at an affordable cost by implementing the concept of mass customization in internet security through our patent pending process.

To further explain this concept, Mr. Valentine compares the internet as a large city with no borders.

"An inhabitant may move from a safe zone to a rough area or even to a war zone and expose themselves to serious threats without being aware of it. A standard security application provides security services that are similar to the local police and emergency crews: adequate in many situations but not designed to meet your special needs. Tizer Secure's™ personalized security services act like your own set of well-armed bodyguards that provide an extra ring of personal security services to better protect you from harm."

With this personal security service, each Tizer Secure™ user receives the same, robust set of tools that protect against known and unknown malware threats, defend against fresh attacks at the point of entry, stop registry errors and system crashes, guard private information from hackers, and prevent identity theft.

Since it is beta release in May 2009, Tizer Secure™ developers have added several new tools and advanced technologies ( to the application for even more protection. These improvements include:

  • Polymorphic Virus Scan--A polymorphic virus makes slight changes to its code in order to spread itself on a user's machine. The newly copied virus then goes undetected by a standard database of malware signatures. Tizer Secure's™ heuristic and behavioral algorithm detects the original virus, then the application compare parts of the virus's code to other files and processes on the computer. If a close match is found, Tizer Secure™ classifies the match as a suspect threat.
  • Conficker Detection--The behavioral and heuristics scans have been adapted to detect and remove Conficker type infections.
  • UPX Packing Recognition--Many viruses today are packed within a protective shield that gets executed in much the same way legitimate software is executed from within an EXE file. Windows PC users don't know that the real virus is hiding inside the pack until it's already executed. Many antivirus software applications cannot read a virus within a UPX packing system. Tizer Secure™, however, opens the package and checks to see if there is a virus inside before it's executed.
  • Process Monitor--Instead of prompting the user to take action every time a malicious process needs to be stopped, Tizer Secure™ includes a process driver containing artificial intelligence that commands it to stop the process on its own based on certain pre-determined criteria without needing user input.
  • Application Hardening--Tizer Secure's™ developers have added a new driver that provides application hardening protection to keep viruses from deleting or infecting the Tizer Secure™ registry keys and binaries on the PC. No process will be able to close or delete any of the Tizer files, except for Tizer Secure™ itself.
  • Improved Detection Quality of Heuristic and Behavioral Scans--Tizer Secure's™ improved detection quality of its heuristics and behavioral scans, means that while it does not include operating system files in its scan results, a Tizer Secure™ scan can detect if an attacker has mislabeled a malicious file as an operating system file or a file with a well-known brand name. These impersonator files will be deleted.
  • Enhanced Database--The database has been enhanced significantly by adding a large number of newly detected malware signatures to its ever growing database through constant research.

To learn more about these and other technologies behind Tizer Secure™, visit ( for more information.

Headquartered in Chapel Hill, NC, and with offices in Mumbai, India, X-Wire Technology provides IT services to clients around the world. As a Microsoft Certified Partner that has achieved Microsoft Competency in ISV/Software Solutions, X-Wire Technology is a Better Business Bureau accredited company that specializes in product development, technical support, software customization, business automation, ecommerce solutions, web programming, design and engineering services.

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